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I have just been made aware that my fiancé was a victim of statutory rape at the age of 13 by her 26 year old male neighbor in Bartow county, Georgia while she was babysitting his and his wife's infant son. She told me the whole story in explicit detail only messing up the exact wording of a threat he made towards her to keep her silent. She indicated that this went on for several weeks in the summer of 2003 and only stopped as a result of her father becoming uncomfortable with her going over to the man's house. The reason for his discomfort has not yet been made clear.

I am aware of statutes of limitations, but I am curious if those statutes apply to sex crimes against a minor or if there are any exceptions that allow for prosecution. I guess I'm wondering when the "clock" really started to run. Was it at the time of the incident? Or is there something in the Georgia Code that would allow for the clock to start at a later date? Further, would each sexual occurrence against my fiancé be considered a separate, prosecutable offense?

I am also wondering if this is something that could be pursued in Federal court as well as state court. Because if I'm not mistaken, child sex crimes are some of the only cases that can be tried in both Federal and state court (I could be wrong). I guess ultimately I am wondering if there is any legal action that can be brought against this man in order to give my fiancé some closure. As a result of her trauma, she has not had a healthy sexual history, she has attempted suicide once for the guilt, and she also wonders incessantly whether it happened to anyone else and if she allowed it to happen to other people by not speaking up. I would love to begin a dialogue about this with someone.

Thank you.

Asked on 6/09/19, 8:18 pm

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Contact her local DA's office ASAP

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Answered on 6/10/19, 6:24 am
Lawrence Lewis Lawrence Lewis, P.C.

Feel free to call and schedule an appointment to begin the dialogue. There will be a consult fee. (678) 407-9300

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Answered on 6/10/19, 8:44 am

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