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This is a long story. I will try to explain so you can understand. My ex is sueing me for joint physical, joint legal custody and/or visitation. What are the odds that he can get any kind of custody? Can he just get visitation rights without any knid of custody? Can I get sole custody. The baby is a month old, yesterday, I haven't been to my postpartum appointment yet and I haven't even been back to work. He has been saying that I am keeping him and his family from seeing the baby. I haven't kept them. I told that they were welcome tomy house anytime. I have tohis house three times for his family to see the baby and they have been to my house two times. His family includes: him, his brother, his brothers girlfriend, and there three kids, and my ex's boss. My ex hasn't seen his baby 14 days out of the month that he has been born. Whenever things are going his way, he is fine and he will call and come see the baby on a regular basis.When we get into an argument or things aren't going his way then he will go a day or days without calling or seeing his son. So, how am I keeping him from seeing his son. He wanted me to take the baby to his house when the baby was only 5 days old. I told him no cause I thought the baby was to young to get out and I really didn't feel like going anywhere. I told them that the baby could go to their house when he was about 1 to 2 months old and when I start back to work. He wants me to pay his court cost. I don't know how I will be able to do so when I am not getting maternity pay. I have a child that will be six this month. Her father has nothing to do with her. Will that help me or hurt me cause I had her out of wedlock also? Is there anyway that I can get the bab's name change to my last name since me andmy ex no longer going to get married? I live in the state of Georgia.

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Asked on 10/06/09, 1:40 pm

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While it will cost you money, make sure you retain a lawyer in less than 30 days from the day you are served. You have, as the mother, numerous rights, but unless you assert them in a timely fashion, you may not protect them.

There is no way to tell you who can win what, but realistically, a father is not going to get to remove a child from a nursing mother in any but the most unusual cases. Having said that, you can't just hope for the best. Invest the money to have legal counsel.

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Answered on 10/13/09, 1:37 am

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