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On Sat, March 30, 2013, I got up to go to the hospital to see my Grandfather that had experianced a heart attack, my car didn't want to run so I took my motorcycle (I am not motorcycle endorsed). On the way back from the hospital a vehical (siver Volkswagon) pulled out without looking and almost took me out, I had to apply both brakes and lay my mototrcycle down to avoid being hit. I then got off of the ground and went over to my motorcycle and had some trouble starting it (probably flooded it while being on its side) when the motorcycle finaily started i looked up to pursue the siver vehical. I continued until i came upon a university officer i stoped to tell him what happened but he wasnt getting me so i continued forward, he then proceeded to check my speed away from him whilest I went towards my apartment. I left my apartment 2 min later after realizing i needed a little more than water to clean my wounds. After leaving my apartment i was pulled over for speeding (not then but when i left the officer that i told i layed my bike down) and givin a second ticket for no motorcycle endorsment. I was told that i could not ride the bike back and would have to push or tow it (understandably). I dont have extra money for a tow truck so i went with the pushing option, i asked if one (of the five) officers (four patrol cars) would help carry my helmet because i could not push my motorcycle and carry it, they refused. I then called 911 for assistance, they put me through to the officers that were on site that had already refused to help and so dispatcher hung up on me. I had to get my father to get my motorcyle, and my father said they were smiling and laughing at me when he went by them.These officers did not care in the least bit about my well being......................****Question is, Is that not neglecting to help a person that needs help? Is that not there job? Is there any way i could sue for neglect? or are they just playing by the book?

Asked on 4/11/13, 7:13 am

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Scott Riddle Law Office of Scott B. Riddle, LLC

Noticeably missing from your post is any indication whatsoever you had a medical emergency. In fact, it seems you were just fine when you left your apartment the second time. The short answer is that the situation was entirely of your doing, and no, you apparently did not have an emergency that required police assistance. They are not a taxi and tow service.

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Answered on 4/11/13, 7:23 am

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