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I recently got an “Official Notice” (form DS1632) from Georgia Department of Driver Services stating that my daughter’s license had been suspended for 6 months as of 8/24/15 due to 2 traffic violations resulting in 6 points against her license while underage of 21. However, both of these incidents took place over 2 in a half years ago and we have already been to court, paid fines and completed an approved on-line driving course and submitted the certificate of completion to the court in our county as instructed by the court. I understand the whole 6 points and being underage and the possibility for suspension, but I would have thought they would have done this immediately upon paying the fine of the second ticket and admitting guilt/”conviction”, running (or rolling) through a stop sign. She was told by a couple of her police officer friends that this is bull, and illegal and they are probably just trying to get the extra money ($210) for reinstatement because the statute of limitations is 2 years. The issue date on the form was 8/24/15 and we did not get the notice until the next week which was a holiday weekend and it was already at or just past the 10 days they stated we could appeal. She is a college student 300+ miles away from home and it says no limited driving permit is available for this suspension so I have instructed her to not drive until we can get this figured out. Below are the violations, do we have any legal recourse here especially since it is now well past the “appeal” limit? We thought all this was handled and taken care of when we went to court, paid the fines, and took the mandatory driver safety course and turned in completion certificate to our county court.

Bartow Juvenile Court; Speeding (56 in a 35) Violation 5/4/2012 Disposition 10/10/2012 Points 3

Bartow Probate Court; Failure to obey stop sign Violation 2/11/2013 Disposition 4/2/2013 Points 3

Asked on 9/21/15, 9:18 am

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You need to contact an attorney who handles such criminal/traffic matters ASAP

Good luck

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Answered on 9/21/15, 9:39 am
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Do now what you should have done immediately after the first ticket, the second, the court dates, the letter and suspension....get a lawyer who handles traffic cases in Bartow County as their primary practice. Had you done so from the beginning, you (and she) would not be in this situation.

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Answered on 9/21/15, 11:38 am

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