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Average Monetary Award for Injury

How can I find the average monetary amount awarded for an injury sustained in an automobile accident.Is there a web-site or publication where I can find this information I was a passenger in a vehicle that was not at fault. The injury was susatined to my right hand / wrist (the hand I use to write with) it was severely shatterded, involved surgery requiring a pin & an external fixator (all of which were removed). It also required several weeks of therapy, has caused permanent loss of motion (rotation) and slight disfigurement to my wrist.

Asked on 11/09/01, 2:30 pm

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Dennis Kleper Accessible Attorneys

Re: Average Monetary Award for Injury

Your serious injury requires a more complex medical and legal review than other types of personal injury cases. Attorneys Stein, Freidman and Taradji have raised some of the considerations. They have told you, their answers are not exhaustive: nor can they be with the information supplied. Publications will not provide the depth of relevant information you need to properly understand the available or appropriate outcomes.

Take care of yourself properly both medically and legally. If you were an experienced personal injury attorney, you would probably seek the assistance of a colleague. Representing yourself creates conflicts and makes you vulnerable to a panoply of emotional and intellectual traps.

While I understand you asked about publications, our professional obligations to the public require a wider response.

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Answered on 11/10/01, 4:05 pm

Lawrence A. Stein Aronberg Goldgehn Davis & Garmisa, LLC

Re: Average Monetary Award for Injury

While jury verdicts and settlement reports are published in a variety of proprietary publications for lawyers, and those publications may be available in law libraries, each case is different. The only proper way to evaluate the value of your claim is to hire an attorney to represent you in making the claim. In my opinion, you will not get what your case is worth if you try to handle it yourself. We lawyers have an saying about the foolishness of lawyers representing themselves: "A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client." You would be even more disadvantaged by representing yourself. The lawyer for the other driver will detect and capitalize on the fact that you are representing yourself.

The facts that will determine the value of your case are the facts of the collision, the nature and extent of your injury, the prior and future medical expenses and disabilities resulting from it.

I reccomend you call me, Larry Stein, at (630) 221-1755, or the attorney of your choice.

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Answered on 11/09/01, 2:44 pm
Jeffrey Friedman Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman

Re: Average Monetary Award for Injury

The value of a claim is highly dependent on numerous factors. Indeed, one of the factors is the attorney who represents the victim. Seeking information about averages would be misleading. Please consider consulting with an attorney who will assess the various factors applicable to your claim.

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Answered on 11/09/01, 8:45 pm
Nima Taradji Taradji Law Offices

Re: Average Monetary Award for Injury

There is a publication called Jury Verdict Reporter which reports on the jury verdicts in various counties in Illinois. In it, the result of the verdict handed down and a brief description of the type of the case and the facts are printed. I usually get it via subscription, and have not seen it in newstands. You may go to your local law library and see if they have it.

As for your claim and its value, factors you should consider are:

1. nature of your injury

2. extent of the injury

3. nature of the treatment

4. the effect of the injury on your life

5. the quality of your life prior to the injury

6. the quality of your life after the injury

7. your age

8. other factors

All these are highly subjective.

I hope all this helps.

Nima Taradji

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Answered on 11/10/01, 1:38 am

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