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People with the dog that got lost while we were watching it! 

I contacted them early august. They brought me the dog august 18/19 ish. They were supposed to be done til around September 20th ish. Dog went missing around the 21st of August. I reported it to her right away. I had posted a few missing posters but no response. The owner had told me to be cautious because her dog ran away quite a few times while being babysat. They also brought over a cage which was all busted up that they claimed their dog knew how to get out of. We put the dog in the cage one morning, as we do with ours when we leave, came home and he was gone. The cage was busted at the bottom an there is a hole in a screen out the back window. He had been scratching and screeching since they dropped him off. It was clear to me that he knew he didn't live here. Like I said, I contacted her that night about it and had asked what I should do. She told me she would be over that night to put up flyers and grab his cage. I told her I was willing to help AND compensate for lost money even though it was an accident we didn't see coming. Then she proceeded to say she didn't have time and she would send her mother. So I asked "can your mother take the cage too?" I mean what use was it to me, it was broken and in the way. She was like no nevermind. I blew up her phone and she didn't get back with me. 

In the midst of all of this we searched her phone number on Craigslist after she had tried to persuade me to buy a husky from her for some odd amount over $100. I confronted her because she had listings all over Craigslist selling animals... Bunnies, kittens, all kinds of dogs. She said she rescues animals but then proceeds to constantly change her story AND change people crazy amounts. On top of that she had one before mentioned breeding rabbits and picking up animals and resellinlg them. 

Okay, now remember I said she was supposed to be back around September 20th ish? She just showed up at my door today, October 9th 2013. She informed my fiancé and I should be filing against us for negligence. How is it negligent if i contacted her asking for her help finding him. Even offer to pay her for her loss since he was my responsibility. And why would she wait til now to show up when she told me she would be there middle September? On top of that she posted an ad saying the dog went missing on September 23rd. How does that add up? Anyways, she shows up and calls the cops, he tells me not to worry the worst that could happen is me owing her money for her loss.... WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I OFFERED HER WAY BEFORE SHE CALLED THE COPS. Anyways I kind of feel like she doesn't really care considering she was in the car laughing with her boyfriend. I feel strongly that she just wants money. After confronting her about all the Craigslist ads, they all seemed to disappear. Then today one popped up about selling her grandmas dog after having a stroke. 

Moral of the story, I'm up against someone who seems like she will lie to get what she wants. What do I do? 

Asked on 10/09/13, 5:48 pm

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Jay Rigdon Rockhill Pinnick LLP

If she does sue, hire a lawyer . Until then, ignore it. Print a copy of your post so you can give it to your lawyer if one is needed.

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Answered on 10/13/13, 9:00 am

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