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We were at a parade in lafayette louisiana Saturday and the police motorcycles go in a circle to let you know parade is coming. And they crashed into each other and one of the bikes handle bar landed on my daughters hand it swole up and we rushed her to hospital and nothing was broken the cops met us there and the consolidated government man to tell us they were gonna pay the hispital bills. Should I pursue a case or leave it alone my daughter is 7.

Asked on 2/11/13, 9:22 am

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Adam Lambert The Law Office of Adam S. Lambert

It is always a good idea to talk to a lawyer before settling any sort of case. You certainly could pursue a case if you want to. First, you need to be certain that there are no serious injuries to your daughter. Young children often do not know how to verbalize pain they are having, so make sure she gets a full checkup from a pediatrician. I wouldn't just trust the ER doctors, as they are usually so rushed that they can't always do a complete job of examining her.

If there are serious injuries, you certainly need to file a claim through an attorney. If there are no serious injuries, you could make your own offer to settle for a a few hundred dollars (maybe $1,000 or so) to compensate your daughter for her pain. Take most of that money and put it in a savings account for your daughter. Give her some to "blow" on whatever she wants to make her feel better.

Again, that "quick settlement" assumes that the injury is a temporary and minor one with no serious injuries involved. It assumes that she just has brusing and swelling and that her pediatrician has confirmed exactly that. If she has anything more serious (joint or tendon damage, soft tissue sprains, carpal tunnel, etc.), you need to hire an attorney and file a claim.

Either way, the first rule is do not sign anything until she has been checked out by her pediatrician and you know what sort of injury she has.

Lastly, most personal injury attorneys will talk to you without charging a fee, so feel free to go talk to one in your area in person. Bring your kid's medical records with you. Also, TAKE PICTURES of the injuries and bring those with you.

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Answered on 2/11/13, 9:40 am
Nick Pizzolatto, Jr. Pizzolatto Law Office

They paid the bills, now see what they will offer for the pain and panic your daughter experienced. You have a year. Make sure the injury to her hand is completely healed, then make an offer. If they offer something you are satisfied with, take it and put the money away for your daughter's future. If they insult you, then consult a lawyer.

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Answered on 2/12/13, 3:19 pm
Larry Curtis Law Offices of Larry Curtis

it really depends how bad the injury is--sometimes broken bones in the hand WILL NOT be detected in the emergency room by ordinary x-rays--if your daughter's hand problem persist--it may be a good idea to see a physician who specializes in hand and wrist injuries--fortunately, there are several good choices--in that particular area of medical practice--located in Lafayette

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Answered on 2/13/13, 4:23 pm

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