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didnt issue citation

i was pulled over by DNR and was found with 7 grams of marijuana and a roach and a digital scale. WHich he found because i was smoking seconds before being stopped. The officer gave me a test which was to not move my head and follow his pen and i failed. He gave me a warning for negligent driving, but didnt write me a citation for the pot scale or paraphenelia.I lied about nothing and told him where everything was. Shouldnt he have locked me up impounded my car and brought me to the station? Instead he asked for my phone number and told me i would have to come in and sign papers like a ''man'' and something about sumons in april. But he let me drive off, knowing i was under the influence of pot. ANd had not even make me sign a citation ticket or anything. Would he mail it or what. After i gets tested? even though its obvious as to what it is. Did i get away with this or what? It would be my first offense and im under my moms insurance. Will she find out? please help i keep worrying if ill be ok or not

Asked on 1/08/08, 8:31 pm

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Re: didnt issue citation

You will probably be charged with the marijuana and paraphernalia. It looks like the officer gave you a break by not arresting you, but will simply file charges later. I doubt your mother will find out about this through her insurance company, but you should definitely consult with a criminal defense lawyer. There is a good chance this can be kept off your criminal record. Having a conviction of this type on your record can severely limit your future job prospects, and with the scale in the vehicle that makes this case more serious.

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Answered on 1/09/08, 11:03 am

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