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I have a teacher at my university. That intentionally confuses students and makes it extremely hard to pass his exams, and the exams are based off what he talks about in class. He has a 2.2 review on (reviews like "worst class i ever had" "these tests are suicide" "do not take this course" "I am an A student and I did not pass" "He will almost fail everyone before middle of semester." "Very rude and insulting to his students." "was rude to me on a daily basis" THIS ABSOLUTLY EXPLAINS THE CLASS---->>"Tests rarely reflect lectures and reading, regardless of how much he harps about it. Correction: usually the historians he discussed in class can also be found on the test. The problem is that he expects you to know such a vast expanse of knowledge and then will test you on information (it seems) at random." "Ridiculous! I took this class and attended every class, read the book, and got a D!" "Terribly rude teacher. Constantly puts students on the spot with questions, criticises past education if you get the question wrong. Never stays on topic and it is difficult to take notes. Honestly I think they keep him to make money since everyone has to take the class and not many pass it. DONT TAKE THIS"

"You couldn't pay me to take a class with him again."

"You couldn't pay me to take a class with him again."

"You couldn't pay me to take a class with him again."

Which makes this course worse than fraud! (IMHO)



During class today he said its a sham. (he was talking about something else a history related topic) but when he said that i looked at him with scorn and he moved toward the part of class i was in an looked right at me and started talked about a totally unrelated not gonna be on test topic. he was talking about how some guy got assasinated but i felt like he was directing the story towards me he was looking at me the entire time and glancing at other students that were talking with him but mainly looking at me. (It was very INTIMIDATING!). I increased the scorn on my face held my head up and looked directly at him. as i was leaving he shot me this super anger look i saw it out of the corner of my eye.

The reviews also say he has anger issues and that he has thrown a book at a student for asking questions.!!!


Asked on 10/14/13, 1:57 pm

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Anthony Smith LawSmith

You need to discuss your concerns with the dean of students, and other officials, at your school. If you're an "A" student that got your first D, they will listen to you. It does not appear, based upon the facts you provided, that you have grounds for a law suit. But, other facts could change that. So, you should consult directly with s civil practice attorney i'm your area.

Good luck

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Answered on 10/15/13, 4:44 am

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