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My 4 year old daughter required stitches in her cheek due to an injury. They numbed her cheek with a clear gel and made sure to re-apply the gel frequently until the doctor was ready to administer the stitches, she didn't feel a thing and they told us to come back in a week to have them removed. 7 days later we returned, they took us back and started clipping the stitches out. After removing half of them we noticed the wound had partially reopened, they had to take the remaining stitches out and then they called in another doctor. The other doctor came in and said that they would need to redo the stitches. They administered the clear gel after me telling them to and then the doctor went off for about 15 minutes or so. When he came back he got his stuff ready and started stitching up the part that reopened, my daughter was tough and bared through it, she was crying but not moving, I asked if there was enough medicine on her cheek and the doctor assured me that it was fine, but I know my daughter and i know that even though shes only 4 she doesn't cry if it doesn't hurt. She barely cried when she got the injury and she didn't cry at all getting the first set of stitches. I now regret not stopping him and I feel horrible that my daughter had to endure that pain when I feel it was avoidable. She was extremely upset when we went to get the stitches removed 10 days later she was so scared it was going to hurt again.

Is this considered malpractice?

Is this something I could sue this doctor over?

I really feel like this was not something my daughter should have gone through. I cant even imagine how bad it really hurt considering she was probably already sore from having the original stitches removed and then getting sewn up again. It breaks my heart and I want to make sure this doesn't happen to other children just because they are too small to know that they can say something or that something shouldn't be as painful as it is.

Asked on 11/04/13, 8:54 pm

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Mel Franke Mel G. Franke, Attorney at Law


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Answered on 11/05/13, 8:30 am
Michael R. Nack Michael R. Nack, Attorney at Law

Your feelings are completely understandable. Unfortunately, the legal system does not provide any relief in your situation. You would be wasting your time even consulting with an attorney!

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Answered on 11/05/13, 5:24 pm

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