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i broken neck in rental house landlord at fault

my sister broke her neck in a fall down the stairs due to her landlord failing to fix them after being asked to for over 2 years. He also knew from going up and down them. They are inside stairs the railing finily broke as she was coming down the stairs. what we are trying to find out is how much can she ask for. the landlord wants to settle out of court.

Asked on 12/08/03, 4:39 pm

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John Graves The Law Office of John H. Graves, PLLC

Re: i broken neck in rental house landlord at fault

There are so many variables that there is no way to properly, or competently, answer your question in a forum like this. Medical bills, future surgeries and disability will all vary the amount. You should contact a lawyer in your area prior to any negotiations with the land lord.

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Answered on 12/08/03, 4:50 pm
Andrew Frisch Morgan & Morgan, P.A.

Re: i broken neck in rental house landlord at fault

Your sister should not attempt to negotiate with the landlord herself. Generally, unrepresented victims get taken advantage of.

Although the facts you have presented are limited, it sounds like your sister could have a very substantial case.

She should definitely speak with an attorney before she enters into negotiations with her landlord.

I am both a New Jersey and New York attorney. If you (or your sister) would like a free consultation, feel free to call me toll-free at (877)692-5291.

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Answered on 12/08/03, 4:59 pm
Lawrence Simon Law Offices of Lawrence M. Simon

Re: i broken neck in rental house landlord at fault

A settlement is final. Your sister's future pain and suffering, as well as the amount of her future medical bills is uncertain. Also, a broken neck can mean several things, from a minor stress fracture, to a major injury with potential paralysis. It is also an expression, and her actual injury could be neither. I suggest having her contact counsel right away to better discuss her options. If there is an actual fracture, her potential case value, if liability can be established (which under your fact pattern appears to be establishable), an attorney will easliy be able to get more money, including the attorney fee and expenses, than your sister could on her own. I'd be willing to speak with you or her in further detail. With more facts, I could give a better monetary evaluation.

E-mail me or call toll free at 1-800-784-5140

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Answered on 12/08/03, 7:48 pm
John Pinho John Pinho

Re: i broken neck in rental house landlord at fault

In New Jersey, a lot. I would have to get more details from you to determine how much "a lot" would be. But how much do you compensate someone for breaking their neck?

I am not sure that your sister is in New Jersey since you checked off Oklahoma and New Jersey but if she is I would be glad to provide her with a free consultation.

John M. Pinho

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Answered on 12/08/03, 10:11 pm
Blair Lane, Sr Earp Cohn, P.C.

Re: i broken neck in rental house landlord at fault

I am sorry to hear about your sister.

The value of a case depends on many factors including but not limited to the nature and extent of the injuries; the past, present and future pain & suffering; the effect the injury has on normal daily activities; loss of enjoyment of life; lost wages or the ability to earn an income, the amount of any past, present or future medical expense; marital status and age/life expectancy and whether or not the person who was at fault has insurance or assets to pay any claim or judgment.

This sound like a serious case. Please be advised that your sister must bring a claim against the landlord within 2 years of the accident - otherwise she will not be able to recover anything.

For more information please feel free to call me or have your sister call me at 856-489-4353 for free - no obligation legal advise. There is no fee unless your sister retains me and we get a recovery.

My law office provides “Personal - Professional” Legal Services for clients through out New Jersey and Pennsylvania with a diversified litigation practice, consisting of assisting clients and their families with various legal matters such as Serious Personal Injury Cases, (premises liability, auto accidents, brain injury cases, dog bite cases, product liability cases, wrongful death cases and slip & fall cases as well as Workers’ Compensation Cases.

The office is located minutes from Philadelphia in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and is

conveniently located to the New Jersey Turnpike, NJ Route 295, NJ Route 70, The Atlantic City Expressway, Garden State Parkway and the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman bridges.

Blair C. Lane, Sr., Esquire, is admitted to practice law in the State of New Jersey and the

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The information contained in this response is intended to

provide general information regarding a general legal question. This information contained in the response is not to be construed as legal advice and you should not rely upon any information as legal advice. Legal advice can only be obtained through a complete consultation with my office

or an attorney admitted to practice law in your State. Any information obtained through this

response should not be deemed to create any attorney/client relationship. Before making your

choice of attorney, you should give this matter careful thought. The selection of an attorney is an important decision.

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Answered on 12/11/03, 1:49 pm
Michael Zerres Blume Forte Fried Zerres & Molinari

Re: i broken neck in rental house landlord at fault

I am a lawyer admitted in New Jersey and am also admitted pro hac vice on Oklahoma on two cases. It sounds like you have a good liability case, but I am not sure what you mean by a "broken neck". However, I would be happy to speak to you about the details of your case.

You can visit my law office's website at to learn more about my firm and I. You can also call me at 973-635-5400 if you would like. You can also e-mail me @ [email protected] with you telephone number and I can call you.

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Answered on 12/09/03, 9:32 am

Re: i broken neck in rental house landlord at fault

there is no limit to ask for when filing a lwasuit in NJ. It is valued based upon experience with juries. WIth an injury as devistating as what you have described, you really need legal representation in order to handle this matter, otherwise, you will likely short change yourself. Things such as economic experts, medical care costs and the like are necessary to accurately and fairly evaluate the claim.

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Answered on 12/09/03, 1:08 pm

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