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i need help

I WENT THROUGH A HARD PERIOD IN MY LIFE ABOUT 7 YEARS AGO. I HAD RECIVED 2DUI''S IN A 6 MONTH PERIOD, before my court dates came up i transfered with my company 4 states away, i know i have failure to appears, i have not been in an ounce of troublein the past 7 yrs since i left, i want desperatley now to take care of this but am hughly afraid of going to jail now that i have my head on right. there was also another court case on top of these that happend about a year before these for dui as well when i went to court for that i stood before the judge and the da threw her hands up and said state takes a voluntary dissmisal on my case, she was upset that the judge threw out all the cases before mine and they were much worse. i now after doing research found that i have a failure to appear for that now as well, i thought since it was dismissed it was over with, the day the da did voluntary dissmisal the judge told me today is my lucky day and i was free to go. any suggestions on where tostart so i can get this off my back?

Asked on 7/26/08, 11:19 pm

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Wesley Everett Everett Law Firm, P.A.

Re: i need help

Something doesn't totally add up. First thing is going to be to contact the NCDMV (won't let me list phone number) and find out exactly what is still unresolved (get docket #s and counties).

Once you know what is unresolved, probably the next thing is to get those cases back on the docket to be resolved. Depends what is out there and the county the charges are in as to what the outcome might be.

We handle 15 counties, so depending on what county it is in, we may be able to help.

Wes Everett

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Answered on 7/26/08, 11:29 pm

Fleet Tilden TildenLaw

Re: i need help

Assuming you were properly notified of the court dates, there is likely a warrant/capias for your arrest for failure to appear. I would contact the clerk's office and get a status or go online for the information. If these DUI's were in Florida, there is a mandatory jail sentence if convicted along with a 5 year driver license revocation. You need to hire a lawyer for assistance as these are serious allegations. Good luck.

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Answered on 7/27/08, 4:44 pm

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