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Possible arrest...

I went to my ex's house yesterday in the the early evening. I knocked on the door and he called the police. He said I kicked the door and broke it and that I was trying to break in. I wasn't. He has a friend that is a cop who he called while I was there and told me ''your done.'' This whole time he was inside and I was at the door.

I went to leave and he THEN came outside and followed me down the driveway.He told me not to leave since the police wouold be there in five minutes. A scuffle ensued. He was trying to restrain me. I never hit him. I was just trying to get him off of me and grabbed his shirt and it ripped. He told 911 I was beating him up.

I then left. He didn't have a scratch on him and I never hit him. I have pulled muscles today from trying to push him off of me. I never saw the police.

I am afraid I will be arrested. I am also afraid he will lie and said I hit him or something.

When would the police come to arrest me? Wouldn't they have questioned me last night or tonight?

Can I find out what's going on before they come get me?

Would this be assault or harrassment?

What kind of time would I serve? I have no prior record. This happened in Philadelphia.

Asked on 11/13/05, 4:20 pm

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Konrad Jarzyna The Law Offices of Cozzi & Jarzyna

Re: Possible arrest...

Does he have PFA against you? Why did you go there? I wouldn't worry about serving time if you have no priors. You may even be eligible for ARD. Hopefully, nothing will happen out of this. Best of luck!

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Answered on 11/13/05, 4:35 pm

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