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I live Pa. Im 15. i was recently caught for shoplifting due to peer pressure. on monday they have me on camera stealing maybe $40, but i wasnt repremanded in the store. so, today i go back (the next day) my friends gets me to steal $140 in goods. the man that caught me said i will be charged with 2 counts of retail theft. Now, im an honor student.Its my First offense. but its 2 counts. The man made me put the iteams stolen down on a peice of paper. my question is, is the 2 counts of retail theft a felony or misdo??? and if it is or isnt one or the other, can it be prevented from being on my record. and if not and it makes it to my record, can it be expunged??? and how. Now, im 15 and my parents are really mad as any would be and are willing to spend a good deal og money to keep my record clean. im an Honor student. Please Law Guru, I made a very bad mistake and im really regreating it. P.s -im not sure what area of law this is and it makes you pick and select an area of law before letting you ask the question so im not sure if this question go directly to specific people. so if it does and it goes to the wrong area of law please answer the best you can.

Asked on 6/25/13, 8:29 pm

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So what does being an honor student have to do with anything? In case what you haven't figured out is despite your grades you do stupid things. Now if like Jean Valjean you stole out of necessity (you needed bread to feed your starving siblings) but you didn't it's not like are you someone without a bright future. You at least book smart if not life smart. the good new is 1 your juvie record will be sealed and 2 I'm not the judge in your case. You can probably get ARD which will eventually clean up your record. That said the fines and cost will be hire for that and you will have to do community service, Next time do what you appear to be capable of THINKING. Is pleasing some so called friends worth throwing you future away?


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Answered on 6/26/13, 7:04 am

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