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ok so in 2006 i married my high school sweet heart. We were together for 5 years when i was 21 we broke up had a baby. Anthony is now 13 years old. my situation is diffcuilt cause i was young when i had him 18 I had no where to go when Rudy and I broke up. So i left Anthony there with his grandma and dad. I return a year later trying to get Anthony and his grandma wouldn't let me take him. She told me what makes you think he wants to go with you. The whole time Anthony is asleep on the couch. I dont know how she convince me to leave without him but she did. And thats how it been for years now. I try they push me away. So its sad to say but i have given up. Well in 2006 Rudy and i got back together ended up getting married why I dont know i guess i was hoping it would work. 3-4 months later i left. I couldn't take it anymore he wanted to live at home with mommy and i wanted to go back to school and get our own place. So we have been separted for seven years now. I have tryed to get him to sign papers but he doesn't want to. I dont understand he has a girlfriend he's been with for years now. And to top it all off he wont let me see Anthony. Cause i'm paying child support. I told him sign the papers and i pay. But he wont. So my ? is Can he kept my son from me like that?

Asked on 6/12/13, 3:15 pm

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Fran Brochstein Attorney & Mediator

It appears from your long question that you finally want a divorce. I hope that is correct.

If he won't agree to a simple divorce then you need to just hire an attorney & have him legally served with papers. In the State of Texas, you cannot be "forced" to stay married to a person that you don't want to be married to. Eventually, in the State of Texas, the judge will grant you a divorce if he does not appear or refuses to cooperate.

Also, it sounds like if you file for a divorce the judge will allow you some visitation with your son.

Therefore, I would urge you to try to find an attorney to help you. Many offer a free consultation and payment plans to make this affordable for you. I can't tell where you live. I'd look on this website & on

You might call the attorney that I rent office space from - Patricia Bushman at 713-807-9405. She is a tough smart attorney that I respect. She has a newly licensed associate - Donnica Blackful that is very helpful and you will like her very much.

Good luck!

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Answered on 6/13/13, 8:55 am

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