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Moving out at age 17 in Texas

Here's the deal. I am 17 and live in Texas, and want to move out and live with my sister. I could easily get a job with enough money to pay for my private education, and food and gas. I am a straight A student and school is not a problem for me. My sister is 19, and I would rather live with her than with my parents. If I clearly told my parents where I would be staying (they already know the address which my sister lives), obviously they cannot file a missing person report because I am not missing. What I want to know is could the police get my sister any illegal activity since I would be living with her as a minor WITHOUT MY PARENT'S consent? I know they would not be for it because they are complete control freaks who are making me depressed by keeping from having any significant social life. And could the police actually force me to return to my parents if I am with my sister who is not a minor, and they know exactly where I am staying.

Asked on 8/30/07, 5:38 pm

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Fran Brochstein Attorney & Mediator

Re: Moving out at age 17 in Texas

Being 17 is a tough age -- in more ways that one.

For criminal matters, you are an adult.

For civil matters, you are usually a child. The day you turn 18, you are an adult. So count the days until you are 18!

CPS won't do anythng if you are 17. They have too much work to do regarding babies and toddlers.

The cops, constables, sheriff...good question. As an attorney, I often feel that they enforce the laws with unique interpretations. Also, sometimes they enforce laws that I've never heard of.

I will tell you that I thought my parents were horrible until I got married and got on my own. Suddenly they were not as stupid and controlling as I thought at 17.

I thought parents were supposed to be control freaks that only seek to ruin their children's lives? As I oflten told my child, if I raise you to be a self-suffient adult that can make a good living and then hire a therapist to determine all the ways I ruined your life, then I've done my job.

As you can tell, I've dealt with 17 years old kids a lot.

I was soooo much smarter at 17 than I am today. As I grow older, I recognize that I know less and less about everything.

I recall how smart and mature I was at 117!

I envy your youthful enthusiasm!

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Answered on 8/31/07, 7:22 pm

Theresa Langford Langford Law Firm

Re: Moving out at age 17 in Texas


At 17 you are not a runaway, and if you notify them of your address, you are not a missing person.

Since they are 'control freaks' they might annoy you and your sister to death, but no one will go to jail.

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Answered on 8/30/07, 9:35 pm

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