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I recieved a letter from the Virginia DMV, stating that on November 18th, 2009, my licence was suspended due to their being a civil judgement for $10,802 rendered against me on March 30th, 1998, for damages arising from ownership, use or operation of a Motor Vehicle.

This is shocking news to me. What judgement is this? I looked up the statuatory authority's (46.2-370, 46.2-411, 46.2-416, 46.2-417, 46.2-427, 46.2-333.1, and 46.2-328.1) that are listed, and I am assuming this is from a motor vehicle accident. The only one I was ever in was in NH, in 1997, and as far as I was aware, I had won that case and was rewarded $200 (which I had never recieved). I have never in the nearly 12 years, recieved any notices from NH, or any debts involving a car accident, since that one letetr saying I had been awarded the $200. I moved to Virginia in 2007, before that case went to court, as thats where my family lived, and after my Fiance breaking up with me, I had no where else to live.

I wish I still had that letter, then I would know for sure. But if I had lost, how do I find out? I live in Oaklahoma, having moved here this year. I cannot go to either or Virginia or NH to ask the courts in person, so where/how do I get information on this judgement from nowhere? What do I do? I certainly do not have $10,802, thats nearly a years wages, and I cannot live my life without a Driver's Licence, I have kids I have to transport, etc etc.

Asked on 11/25/09, 6:01 am

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Cary Moseley Law Office of Cary Powell Moseley, PLLC

I am sorry to hear this. Call the clerk of court and DMV and get as much info (what county, names and addresses of the parties, names and addresses and phone numbers of the attorneys, etc.) as you can and get copies of everything. If you were not properly served with the suit, you might have it set aside or vacated. You should consider consulting an attorney to help you. Good luck.

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Answered on 11/30/09, 7:30 am
Daniel Press Chung & Press, P.C.

You need to find out what the case in NH was (county, parties' names, case number - as much of that information as possible), and then have someone (a lawyer) there look at the file and see what happened. Chances are if you don't resolve this, Oklahoma will eventually suspend your license as well. If you can't pay it, and if it's valid, you may need to file bankruptcy to get your license back, so it's worth trying to get the details and, if it's not valid, get it vacated.

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Answered on 11/30/09, 10:42 am

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