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Preyed on by psychologist

What is the name of your state? Virginia:I did a function at work for a married woman with 4 children. She is a psychologist. After the function she kept calling me and asking me out for a drink to thank me. She continued to call me and finally made a move on me. We had an affair that i tried to end many times. Each time she continued to play on me with gifts and emotionally troubling letters and crying. I tried to absolve myself from this lady once and for all.She showed up at my work one day and said she had news for me. She said she was pregnant with my child and aborted it. this has caused me large amounts of emotional distress. I am now married and unable to have a child which I want very much. I have what is called Post Abortion Stress which has caused many hardships in my life, including sleeplessness, depression and guilt. This has troubled me for over 3 years now. How can I approach this. This was an adult who knows how to manipulate people and did so af a young adult not to far removed from college. Would it be better to try and take this to mediation. I am sure that this will bring info neither side would like brought out into public that could hurt both parties.

Asked on 1/28/03, 2:13 pm

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Michael Hendrickson Law Office Michael E. Hendrickson

Re: Preyed on by psychologist

Many of the larger cities and counties in Virginia

offer mediation programs which can usually be contacted through the court services units.

In pondering how best to resolve this matter, you may ,also, wish to at least consider whether

this persistent former paramour of yours has

violated any criminal statutes in her pursuit

of you, beginning with the prohibition against stalking.

Assuming that you were never officially under

her care and treatment, there would appear to be

no reportable violations of whatever ethical rules

and regulations which may bind licensed psychologists with respect to patients under their care.

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Answered on 1/28/03, 3:19 pm

Daniel Hawes Hawes & Associates

Re: Preyed on by psychologist

Your complaint comes nearest, in my mind, to the common law action for intentional infliction of emotional distress. However, that action requires some kind of outrageous misconduct that caused you severe emotional distress. Don't minimize the "outrageous misconduct" or "severe" elements - they mean objectively outrageous and severe as measured by community standards of decency. And this sounds like someone who has formed an attachment and is just having trouble breaking up.

You can petition the local circuit court to issue an injunction to make the psychologist leave you alone. It's a $64 filing fee plus service of process, and it's in the nature of a suit in equity (discovery is available). Theoretically, you can do that yourself, but unless you want to spend the equivalent of a full time job for the next year figuring it out, it's probably best to hire an attorney.

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Answered on 1/28/03, 7:04 pm

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