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Hi, my name is Karl Studler,and because of this issue i noe live in canada ...In jan,2003 while living in mesa arizona my puick up was stolen.I reported it and they took my info

then i was in form not to expect any actoin on it first because they are over worked and second because accroding to their stats it was most probible i stole it, the insurance was a joke payed the lean holders not me .....i'm out close to $40,000.00 in car payments and insurance and no car to drive, I thought i was presumed innocent

So where do i go and who do i sue i really feel ripped of here

Asked on 10/25/11, 12:49 pm

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Amir John Showrai The Pacific Law Firm, PLLC

Mr. Studler:

First, you may have better luck posting this under Arizona, since that is where this incident took place. Second, if Arizona is anything like Washington, whatever stature limitations are in place, would have expired long ago given that this occurred in early 2003.

Third, I don't see who you could sue given the facts you have presented above. If you expected recovery of your vehicle regardless of whether the police are overworked and underpaid, and if they failed to produce the vehicle, that does not present grounds at least in Washington, and I'm sure Arizona is the same, under which you can sue the police or some other government agency.

Most likely, in any lawsuit that you bring, the defendants, are going to simply say that you should have ensured your vehicle for more money than you actually did. I am going to guess that your vehicle was upside down, so that the insurance company paid off the bank so that you didn't have to make any further payments but that the vehicle was probably worth less than what was ultimately paid off to the bank. I know this is not the news that you wanted to read, and I understand that you feel as if you have been ripped off.

Your experience is pretty typical of most people who are in your situation. Again, sorry I don't have better news. However, because this took place in Arizona, I highly recommend that you repost your listing and do so in an area where an Arizona licensed attorney can read it and answer it. If I were you, I would also provide more fax, such as whether the vehicle's value was upside down at the time.

Best of luck,

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Answered on 10/26/11, 8:34 am

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