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My daughter was being stalked by a cop and so i turned him in and he was investigated and then he was fired .my problem us that now she missed one court date because magically of all mail from the court the most inportant one was mailed to an address where she has never lived .so that one time cost her ,her son my grandson so its been well over a year and she keeps having to go back to court and finds out its to modify her visitaion and she dosent want to go to court for that she wants to go to court to get her son back .well he has yet to show up for court and she is unable to get ahold of him (he lives with his parents )because he dosent have to give her his phone number they moved and wouldnt tell her where they lived and all of this is perfectly fine with the court facilitater which happens to be that cop that got fired for stalking my daughter its his wife thats the facilitater so is that or is it not a conflict of interest because i feel this facilitater im sure knows who my daughter is and i feel shes not gonna do my daughter right of coarse not so can we sue the city for her wrong doing if i find out she did some things she wasent suppost to aginst my daughter

Asked on 6/15/15, 12:42 am

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It depends.The answer is not very simple in this situation. If the court facilitator is the wife of your daughter's child's father, there might be a problem with a conflict of interest. You need to speak with the supervisor of that facilitator to make sure that she is not involved in any manner with the case in any inappropriate way. That supervisor could be the court administrator or another manager to whom this facilitator reports and who supervises her. Court personnel are required to act in a manner that is not only without actual conflict of interest but must avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest or any appearance of unfairness or improper conduct. That is required behavior to avoid a lack of confidence in the court system by the public or an erosion in the public's belief in the courts to be fair and impartial. You should contact the court administrator immediately to get this situation cleared up. Good Luck!

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Answered on 6/15/15, 8:18 am

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