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Can a Parole Officer revoke your freedom for not paying court fees ordered by a judge in Wisconsin and can they also require you to do job searches above and beyond what is required for collecting unemployment?

Asked on 10/22/16, 11:26 am

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Yes, the power of PO's over you while on probation can be truly awesome, since you are already in legal "custody." The only difference is that the slightest little bit of displeasure that you invoke in your PO can result in the location of your custody being switched from outside of jail to inside of it, in 60 day installments, even if they are not ultimately successful in revoking you. While there are theoretical restrictions on revoking people who are financially unable to pay court obligations, those restrictions work better in theory than in practice. The job searching requirements on your probation order have nothing to do with unemployment requirements, so don't make the mistake of confusing them. Violations of UC employment will only result in loss of your unemployment check, while the other results in a loss of your freedom.

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Answered on 10/25/16, 5:18 am

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