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Asked on: 3/04/13, 11:23 am

I need to know if i can be in any trouble. The other night a couple of my friends were over and we were having a few beers. One of my friends decided he wanted to fight, he kept telling me he was gonna knock me out. I told him several times that i didnt wanna fight but he kept on. I walked to the fridge to get a drink and he runs up behind me and kicks me twice. In advance i had gotten my can of pepper spray and put it in my pocket because of his earlier threats. Well anyways when he started kicking me i turned around and sprayed him. I let him wash his face and asked him to leave and i got him some aloe and a towel. He wipes his face and swings at me, i stepped back and he came after me swinging so i gave him another shot of spray but it wasnt stopping him this time so we ended up fist fighting he hit me in the stomache a few times and i hit him in the face a few times and got away from him. I told him to stop several times but he wouldnt listen. He decided to leave and told me he was gonna kill me and told my fiance she was going to be a widow left and i went to my room and put on a new shirt because he shredded mine up. About 20 minutes later he shows back up yelling that he's going to beat my a** and he's going to murder me. He runs up swinging at me and wrestles me to the ground and i ended up hitting him a few times in the faceand got off of him, he looked pretty bad so i told my fiance to take him to the hospital and he still wanted to fight. He said he was sorry and gave me a hug then swung at me again. I went back inside and put on yet another shirt because he tore that one up too. they finally left to the hospital. I am a convicted felon and im on both felony and misdemeanor probation. I got on facebook today and i asked if he is ok and apologized and he tells me i better pray and that he's got some good pepper spray and that i'll see. What legal actions should i take if any? I still dont want to fight with him and i definitely dont want to be sprayed with pepper spray. any advice would be greatly appreciated

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