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The Law Office of Gary Pirosko, P.C. DUI / DMV / Traffic / Criminal Awarded Coloradoís only DUI Super Lawyer in 2008 Awarded one of the Top 50 Colorado lawyers in 2007 Awarded Colorado DUI Super Lawyer in 2006 and 2007 Awarded Colorado Criminal Defense Super Lawyer in 2007 Email: [email protected] Website: / Internet key words ďGary PiroskoĒ 303-522-2220 (Cell 24/7) 303-524-9110 (Fax) If you have recently been arrested for a DUI, for committing a crime, or you have received a traffic ticket, I can help you if you call me. Unlike many lawyers who sit back and wait for clients to find them, I proactively let people know about my services. Iíll be proactive with your case, too! Perhaps you heard of my recent victory in having Denverís photo radar program shut down. I have helped countless others in situations like yours. You may be feeling nervous and overwhelmed by the legal system. Thatís normal. When you call me to handle your case, Iíll take care of the legal aspects with discretion and full confidentiality, so you can relax. Searching for a lawyer or trying to represent your self is time-consuming and complicated. The law is complex. The legal process can be long and tedious, especially if you don't know the proper things to say and do. These are the things that take lawyers years to learn. Like you, I consider your situation a serious matter that must be addressed immediately. The information and experience I have will help you make an intelligent decision about how to deal with your problem. I may tell you that you don't need an attorney, or I may tell you that your situation can be handled more swiftly and at less cost if you hire an attorney. Think of what a relief that will be and how much money you might save in the long run. If you are charged with a crime, donít despair, your life is not over. You may be completely innocent or have a valid defense and need help proving your innocence. Together we can resolve your crisis, even if your case has been going on for some time. If you were arrested for a DUI or you caused an accident with injuries, call me for critical information on the new sentencing laws. Jail time is now mandatory in many DUI cases and you may lose your driverís license for two years or longer. I help many people stay out of jail and keep their licenses. If you were given a traffic ticket, you have other options than just pleading guilty, paying the fine and or going to jail. Many people who have done that ended up calling me after they have been told to report to the jail or months later when they were informed that their licenses were being suspended for accumulating too many points. If you call me early in the process I can help you avoid jail and points. If you are charged with Driving Under Revocation (DUR) for an underlying alcohol offense, there is a 30-day minimum mandatory jail sentence for a first offense. If you are charged with Driving Under Suspension (DUS) for having accumulated too many points, there is a 5-day minimum mandatory jail sentence for a first offense. I represent people in court and at driverís license hearings. I may be able to appear for you so you donít have to miss work. I may be able to keep your insurance rates down by getting your charges dismissed or reduced. Most people procrastinate, thinking that their situation will get better on its own. It wonít. Some believe the police or the prosecutor will help them out. They wonít. Their job is to prosecute you. Remember that sinking feeling you had when you dealt with the police or how terrified you were in court. I can protect you from those situations and prevent further problems. Itís tough representing yourself when you donít know anyone in the legal field. Family and friends, while well-intentioned, canít help you in court. I can. I worked as a police officer, a DUI officer, and a deputy district attorney for 12 years. I have handled criminal cases exclusively for the past 13 years and have developed beneficial contacts throughout the legal field. As a member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, I have daily access to 950 defense lawyers and investigators. All lawyers are not the same. I am different in a way that is important and valuable to you. Many attorneys are general practitioners. I limit my practice to criminal defense. My unique background means that youíll be getting focused, experienced and competent representation. If you retained an attorney on a previous case who left you with a feeling of indifference or abandonment, call me. I am committed to providing you with extraordinary service. I will be available to discuss your case, which I will handle personally. My approach to criminal defense allows me to provide you with the maximum service at a very reasonable expense. Many attorneys charge up to $600 an hour. Because I charge a reasonable flat rate, you can eliminate runaway legal fees. I wonít charge you by the hour to drive to the courthouse and wait around while your case is called. When you hire me youíll know how much it will cost before we begin. There are no ďhiddenĒ charges. If you have never hired a lawyer before, I can understand why you may be anxious and reluctant to call. The good news is that I am offering you a no-cost, no-obligation opportunity to hear your options and evaluate my advice before we meet in-person. We can separate out the emotional issues, identify the problems, and work toward a solution in a calm, non-judgmental way. I will give you a realistic opinion of your case in language you can understand. I will tell you the risks involved and how we can overcome them together. Call me now so we can work out a solution to your problem. Even if you donít hire me I may be able to give you very helpful information, for free. I can help alleviate your fears. As a result, youíll be able to spend less time worrying about your case and more time taking care of other things in your life. Many new clients come to me as referrals from former clients, judges, attorneys or police officers. I have a strong incentive to provide the best legal representation possible so that you will refer others to me. This will be the only contact you will receive from me until you call my office at (303) 522-2220 for additional information. I would enjoy the opportunity to work for you. Sincerely, Gary Pirosko
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