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The Law Office of Dawn Marie Mondus, is engaged in the general practice of law handling clients� concerns in the areas of divorce, custody, spousal maintenance, child support, paternity, adoption, wills, bankruptcy, and domestic abuse. The firm's main focus however, is Matrimonial and Family Law. Dawn Marie Mondus is an attorney with over 20 years experience primarily in the area of Matrimonial and Family Law. Ms. Mondus is a 1990 graduate of Hamline University School of Law where she achieved the honors of The National Dean's List and The Hamline Dean's Honor Roll. Ms. Mondus is currently active with such organizations as Minnesota Bar Association, and the Wisconsin Bar Association. Ms. Mondus is also licensed to practice law in the state of Wisconsin. What makes The Law Office of Dawn Marie Mondus different from many of the other firms in the Twin Cities, is its concentration on helping men and women through their divorces and separations while maintaining dignity and self respect; but most importantly, without costing them thousands of dollars in attorney's fees and costs. Dawn Marie Mondus, Esq. believes in the mediation concept that the divorcing or separating couple should attack their problems, not each other, to arrive at a fair resolution for both sides. However, if litigation is necessary, she believes in aggressively defending her client's rights. Divorce and custody disputes are generally rated as some of the most stressful occurrences in one's life. Ms. Mondus approaches divorce and custody with a personal concern for each of her clients. She focuses on what the individual client wants and how that can be achieved within the divorce and/or custody settlement. The individual client makes the ultimate decisions, not their lawyer. Ms. Mondus also focuses on what is necessary both monetarily and emotionally, to accomplish her client's desires. Ms. Mondus cares about her clients and their children and how the children will be affected by their parents living in separate homes. Ms. Mondus helps her clients to focus on which parent (or parents) are truly in the best position to care for the children on a daily basis and what type of parenting schedule will ensure that the children continue to bond with each parent. Finally, Ms. Mondus addresses how the parents will support themselves and their children. In the extremely unfortunate cases involving domestic abuse, Ms. Mondus can also help refer clients to the appropriate authorities, counselors, and shelters during the divorce proceeding to help maintain the client's safety, as well as their children�s.
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