Access Grant Deeds for Real Estate Transactions Online

By | May 12, 2008

If you are purchasing or selling real estate, a Grant Deed will be a very important part of the transaction. There are several different types of deeds that are used in real estate sales, but Grant Deeds are the most common in California.

Grant Deeds are documents that are used by owners to grant their interests in and rights to the property being sold to the purchaser. A Grant Deed is also used as a guarantee that the title of the real estate hasn’t already been transferred to another person other than the purchaser. It also implies a promise on the part of the seller that the title is not encumbered in any way, such as through a lien, easement or condemnation.

Grant Deeds are used in real estate transactions that are mortgaged as well those that are not mortgaged. Following the closing of a real estate sale, the Grant Deed is recorded at your county courthouse by the title company . The buyer will then be sent the original.

A Grant Deed is an official document, and must contain specific language to be of value. It is very important that sellers use Grant Deeds that are current as well as appropriate to their states.

Sellers can hire an attorney to provide the Grant Deed needed for a real estate transaction, but there is a much more affordable option available today. You can obtain a Grant Deed that has been prepared by an attorney online at a fraction of the cost associated with having a lawyer create one specifically for you.

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