Are you Considering a Legal Name Change?

By | May 12, 2008

There are many reasons individuals choose to change their name. Marriage is one reason and divorce is another, but these are certainly not the only two life events that prompt people to change their names.

You may have a very dissonant name, or a name that is next to impossible to spell or pronounce. Perhaps your name is so common, you are often confused with others. Maybe you wish to make a clean break with your past. A change of name is an excellent way to get started on a new path in life or simply enjoy more convenient day-to-day living.

Regardless of why you wish to legally change your name, you will need the proper name change forms in order to do so. Different municipalities have different requirements about filing for name changes, and the forms you will need vary by state as well as intent.

The simplest way to start the process is to obtain a name change kit that is appropriate to your state and circumstances. You may for instance need a divorce name change kit or a bride name change kit. A name change kit will contain the forms, letters and instructions you need to legally change your name.

You can find and access the precise name change kit you need online. The Internet is an excellent resource for obtaining the forms, petitions and other documents your name change will require at affordable prices. Once you obtain your name change kit through the Internet, you can start the name change process and look forward to using your new name in no time.

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