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I went to get brake work done on my car an after a month I started having problems with the brakes so I took my car back to the company , an the workers there greased my brakes to stop the problem, but 2 months later I started back having the same problems so I took my car back to the same place who did my brake work, But this time it was a different worker there who I talked to,I explained to problem that was going on an I also mentioned that I had problems before with the brakes an they just grease them down to stop the problem , he looked my information up in the computer then he explained to me that he was sent from another store to fix all the problems from 2009 an the guys who did my brake work was no longer there because they had been fired because of previous problems, but he said they used the wrong brake pads on my car an I'll have to pay a total of $80 to get the right pads on my car because a special kind of pads supposed to had been used on my car because I have a 2006 Lexus,I told him I'm not responsible for that it's the company problem to fix it an he didn't think so, I'm tryin to see what I need to do?

Asked on 4/15/10, 12:51 am

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Robert Kreitlein Robert Kreitlein, Attorney at Law

I think the answer probably depends on why they want to charge you the $80. If that is only the difference between the pads you purchased and the ones that need to go onto your car, I think you will probably have to pay that. If that $80 is not just the difference between the different pads and/or they're charging you for some labor, I would object based on the fact that you shouldn't have to pay anything extra to get what you contracted for in the beginning. But that only applies to the labor. Does that make sense? In other words, if the $80 is just the difference between the pads, you would have had to pay that anyway if they had used the correct ones from the start, right? So, I don't think you could get around paying that difference. But, since it was their mistake to begin with, they definitely should not charge you any more labor or other fees. Good luck!

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Answered on 4/20/10, 6:23 am

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