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The injustice of the millenia.. A dependent of mine and buyer in training of my small machine shop, stole a contract of tens of millions of dollars and left.. The court battle ensued. What a fraud, civil wrong , bribing of my employees, bribing of witnesses, which was on records while the lawsuit was going on, then murdering my last and only witness six days before his deposition and my immoral subhuman attorney didn't lift a finger and during the deposition of the Defendant which was timed just few days before the trial my subhuman attorney REFUSED to ask ANY highly intimidating questions I instructed my immoral attorney to ask, but he refused.. The defendant was a food stamps recipient and requested help from a foreign government in millions of dollars to pay bribes. Then my attorney advised me since we (should be HE) messed with the Defendant unredacted phone records, we can not use those incriminating phone records. The a day before the trial he advised me that my lawsuit could be dismissed. MY frantic search for another attorney a day before the trial day was in wain. My immoral corrupt attorney didn't allowed me to postpone my case.Using trick of a trade he overpowered me in the court room in submission. I was forced to give up without a due process of law.After wasting more than $400,000 where my attorney legally rob me I felt in depression, lost everything. The Defendant stole ALL of my four employees and stole over 75% of my customers. Left alone I took the fight to save my business but soon got injured due constant pressure on the machine pedals few hundreds times per hour. My right hip gave up. I collapsed and filed for bankruptcy, lost apartment an for over 16 years at age of 83,I am still living in my shop on $35 couch while the Defendant has a mansion of $6,000,000 and a business which makes close to $20 millions per year from the trade he stole from me.After 2-3 years of hard work Ithought I earned enough money and went to sue my subhuman attorney who sold me out. The Defendant immediatelly rehired his attorney to sabotage/obstruct the justice and they did. The tipped my case against my attorney and refused any discovery . saying things "not available for depositiom, person is not good in hearing, confidential etc" at the judge were NOT willing to go against a local judge. I found on my own few weeks back that I don't need approval of any one to refile my case. If so I want to refile my case based on agrravation, also terrorist and murder ,since my last and only witness was murdered. I was barred not to have a single witness. Any help for filling a lawsuit, any advice. I still believe America had amoral value

Asked on 10/02/19, 10:55 am

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Terry A. Nelson Nelson & Lawless

The help you need is in getting over the losses, emotions and anger you have. I am not sure how you do that except through 'forgiveness' and getting on with your life somehow.

Filing Bankruptcy means you gave over to the Bankruptcy Trustee and Court any cases, causes of action and claims you may have had prior to filing BK. Any suit you file now against your nemesis ex employee would likely be dismissed, because you already sued him once unsuccessfully and you only get to sue the same person once on your claims. Equally importantly, you gave up those claims in BK, including any right to appeal the loss of the case, if it was still tiely to do so.

The same applies to any claims you might have had against your ex attorney, even if valid. They too would be barred by the BK filing, unless you 'timely' got consent from the BK Trustee and Court to 'timely' bring such case yourself, if it is not barred by Statutes of Limitations.

Without offense to you, you are desperately grasping at straws, as the saying goes, without legitimate hope of finding a working straw. Bankruptcy means you start over with a clean slate without debt. It is your opportunity to do so. What happened in your situation may not be 'fair', but what in life is?

I can only hope this explanation and guidance helps you. Good luck, as you make it.

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Answered on 10/03/19, 2:21 pm

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