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Sold A Car

My friend sold his car to his sister-law and she never registered the car in her name, he never sent in a release

of liablity, she let someone use the car who committed a crime, killed someone, and they came looking for him. Now he has to get a attorney. What can he do?

Asked on 11/13/02, 11:17 am

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David Diamond Diamond & Associates

Re: Sold A Car

Please contact my office immediately so that we may discuss your legal options at 310/277-1707.


Lawrence Wolf, Esq.

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Answered on 11/13/02, 12:09 pm
E. Stassinos Elias Stassinos, Esq.

Re: Sold A Car

Whenever you are accused of a crime, you have to prepare a good defense. In your case, your friend, must have concrete evidence to show that he did not commit the crime. Can he get this evidence by himself. Can he present it in court or other hearing?

If not sure about the questions above, get the assistance of a criminal attorney.

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Answered on 11/13/02, 12:38 pm
Steven Mandell Law Offices of Steven R. Mandell

Re: Sold A Car

Your friend may be a suspect in the killing, or the cops may want to talk to him as a witness. Either way, when a dead body is involved, it's a very good idea for your friend to have a criminal lawyer present before he makes ANY statements to the cops. If he's a witness, he may have information that is somehow harmful to his sister-in-law. Before he talks to any cops, he should consult with a criminal lawyer. Tell him to call me for a free consultation. Steve Mandell 310 393 0639

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Answered on 11/13/02, 2:15 pm
Robert Miller Robert L. Miller & Associates, A Law Corporation

Re: Sold A Car

Thanks for your posting, and I am sorry to hear about what happened to your friend. The exact details here are important. For example, what does it mean that "they came looking for him"? Does it mean that the police were looking to question your friend? Does it mean that an insurance company or a civil attorney is inquiring about the vehicle ownership?

As long as your friend didn't file a release of liability, he is liable for any lawsuits or judgments. The police may also want to inquire about who he sold the car to, and who the car was lent to, as you can imagine, in investigating this case.

As the other answers have indicated, your friend definitely needs an attorney. Please have him call me at 1-877-568-2977, or email me at [email protected], and I'll be happy to answer any questions or help him out.

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Answered on 11/13/02, 2:33 pm

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