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Hi my name is Summer I have never been in trouble before My husband took Welfair money while he was working and in court turned it around on me He said he didn't speak English and didn't understand or read it

I am ill with psudotumor cerbri I did not tell me my attorney the truth that I was in a bad Controlling abusive relationship I was trying to cover for my husband and I didn't want to get in,trouble I thought he was going to be honest and tell the truth He did not and I played guilty because I didn't want to go to jail for 4 years My attorney didn't like me very much and he was mean I wish I had been honest but I didn't It is very hard to trust and tell somebody these things What happened was I went to jail and after work now I'm at home with an ankle monitor I have a felony on my record and I don't know what to do My life is ruined the police department is treating me like I'm a criminal The check my home they make me to pee test and they don't believe anything I tell them I'm very depressed and my attorney and all of my family tell me that I should accept this because I never worked I stayed home with my three children and if my husband has the record he wouldn't be able to work and provide our family And also the attorney about the same way I want out of my marriage I want to get help and I want to know how I can fix this and change to the court And explain the real truth and get my name cleared up Is it possible I live in California

Asked on 9/28/13, 12:59 pm

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Kelvin Green The Law Office of Kelvin Green

You claim the police are treating you like a criminal. Unfortunately you are, you pleaded guilty to a felony, you did not tell the truth to your attorney.. You covered up for husband, you did not tell the truth and now you want a redo...

You need to consult a different attorney. You may be able to withdraw your plea if you did not understand it... But understand that is very, bery difficult... We don't know what you are convicted of but I suppose there is evidence and even if you are sucessful in a withdraw you just start over...and even though you want the truth out, even if you get it out there, you may still be convicted...

If you want out of your marriage hire an divorce attorney...sorry for your predicament... Good luck

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Answered on 9/28/13, 7:20 pm

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