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I got into a car accident where I was not at fault. Still waiting on the process as its taking our local PD a little while to make the police report, so it is unsure of who their insurance company is. I was too shocked and overwhelmed to get their info before I left in an ambulance. I know it's still too early, but I was wondering if I should find a lawyer because I am now having to rearrange my life around this because i am in a splint and crutches and pain as well. I am having to depend on other people to give me a ride for work, as that was my only vehicle, and will have to take a loa from school because I have no ride at that part of the day to take me. So this is pushing my graduation date out a whole year because of it. What am I entitled to due to this situation I am going thru?

Asked on 8/03/13, 7:51 pm

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John Laurie Gertz and Laurie

From the sound of it yes you should see an attorney. You can contact your local bar association for a referral.

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Answered on 8/03/13, 7:56 pm


You should seek representation immediately.What you are due is money damages too extensive to list here.An attorney who specializes in personal injury which is what I do will be able to spell it all out for you.Time is of the essence, do not delay.

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Answered on 8/03/13, 9:01 pm
Armen Tashjian Law Offices of Armen M. Tashjian

As advised by my colleagues you should get a lawyer as soon as possible. These types of cases are usually handled on a contingency basis, meaning you only pay when there is a recovery. If you want a free evaluation feel free to contact me. 323*782*0099.

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Answered on 8/03/13, 9:05 pm
Robert Worth Robert J. Worth , Professional Law Corporation

An attorney can advise you and protect you rights. Be careful what you say to te other driver's insurance carrier. You have no duty to cooperate with that carrier, meaning you should not provide a statement. You also have no duty to provide multiple repair estimates to that carrier. You have the right to compensation for your pain and suffering and reimbursement of all your damages. However, having legal representation can help in other ways. Insurance claims software to determine claims value is not only based on the other driver's negligence, it is analyzed based on the medical or chiropractic report terminology. Thus, appropriate diagnostic medical terms are important. Before practicing law, I worked in claims at a major carrier and was the national level claims adjuster & management trainer so I know how they think and work. As noted above, contingency fees means you should not pay any legal fees in a personal injury case. You should consult an attorney of your choice. I hope this helps. If you ave any questions feel free to call without any obligation. (818) 222-2433

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Answered on 8/03/13, 11:33 pm
Ben Glen Law Offices of Ben Glen, PC

Even though the collision occurred recently does not mean you can wait even another day to help maximize the value of your case and obtain valuable evidence. Pictures of your injuries should be taken, as well as pictures of you in your splint and crutches. You are likely to obtain more money if you hire an attorney, than if you try to handle you case without one. Beware that insurance company representatives are only trying to minimize the value of your claim, even though they may sound nice to you over the phone. Therefore, it is very important that you do not speak with the insurance representative for the party at fault. You are entitled to get compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, tuition lost, the future earnings you would have earned if you graduated a year earlier, increase in tuition cost for the next year versus the prior year, costs of books for the additional year and other expenses. You are also entitled to obtain compensation for future earnings' impairment, your car's value and car rental for a reasonable time until you get a replacement vehicle and the costs you pay for transportation other than rental cars, such as the bus or paying other people to drive you around. You are also entitled to obtain compensation for the cost of gas and mileage you put on your replacement car to get to your health care providers and back, so keep a log of this. There are very important things to say to your doctors and other health care providers and important things not to say, in order to maximize the value of your case. I have been representing victims for over 26 years and I will give you free advice at length if you would like to call me. I have had many cases in your area. My number is toll free (877) 236-4536. I hope you make a speedy recovery. Attorney Ben Glen

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Answered on 8/04/13, 3:56 pm

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