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I handle many types of employment matters including wrongful termination and demotion, (sexual and workplace) harassment, retaliation, discrimination, hostile work environment, wage/hour claims and environment cases. Call if your rights have been violated because you made a bona fide complaint concerning excessive prices charged to a government customer or for dangerous or unsafe working conditions; you reported that the law has been violated or you were the victim of retaliation, discrimination and/or harassment because you warned the employer that placement of an unsafe product may cause harm to the consuming public or other employees may entitle you to bring an action against the employer. Prohibited retaliation includes discharge, threatened discharge, demotion, suspension or refusing to renew an employment contract. Protecting your rights or even negotiating employment contracts requires experience and solid legal skills. Our office excels in representing clients. If litigation is required, it wil be initiated to to protect clients’ rights, in court, mediation or in arbitration. You want an attorney who knows both sides in an employment dispute. If you have been unlawfully fired or demoted, you have rights. Whether you voluntarily left or were terminated and you were not given your final paycheck including all vacation pay earned within 72 hours you are entitled to waiting time penalties. What if you were the victim of a retaliatory termination because you were a "whistle blower" regarding unsafe working conditions, the products produced were dangerous or defective or your employer failed to pay overtime wages or you reported or perhaps your employer was overcharging on parts produced and/or that the parts were defective and were sold to a government agency and you complained about it or any other similar matters? What would you do? You have rights and may be entitled not only to unpaid wages, including commissions, unused vacation pay, perhaps overtime pay, emotional distress damages, perhaps punitive damages and even more. You may have a right to recover your legal costs and attorney fees. People get hurt. Robert J. Worth has years of experience including nearly 15 years in insurance both in claims handing and being responsible for the administration of training of all liability claims representatives, supervisors and managers for Farmers Insurance, nationwide, so he knows how claims adjusters and managers process claims and evaluate them for settlement. When the accident is someone else’s fault, or a corporation has made a defective product that has caused you an injury or damage you deserve prompt and fair consideration of your losses with appropriate compensation of all damages resulting from the accident including all out-of-pocket losses, lost earnings and pain and suffering which you are entitled to recover. Whether the case is large or small, we aggressively fight for our clients’ rights. We also work to protect and fight for your rights on your business matters whether they involve business contracts, creation or termination of partnership agreements, forming corporations to protect your personal assets, litigation involving a breaches of contracts, wrongful competition; unfair business practices; actions against government entities or specific performance of contracts among other matters. If you insurance company has not investigated your claim improperly, denied you policy benefits, delayed paying you, made a "low ball" offer or claimed that there are insurance coverage problems, you may be the vicitm of insurance bad faith and entitled to damages for your carrier's misconduct. Call Bob Worth for a courtesy consultation to discuss your concerns rather than just being a victim.
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