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How do you stop a probate?

Due to my lack of expertise and not being a lawyer.Really who is ever educated with the probate proceeds?

I feel that the probate case that I've been stuck in, should of never been put in probate originally.

Due to everyone that has been involved has had their hands in the cookie jar. There has never been anyone to legally ever represent my deceased relatives estate nor myself.

There has been nothing but selfish gain from these so-called legal pro's.

I need to stop this case ASAP.

How do I do this?

I am the only heir. There has been over 6,000,000.00 worth of properties stolen by these same crooks.

Is it because there are two judges involved, that has made it impossible to find a legit atty?

No one overseers over judges?

Realizing that the courts community includes these:

Judges,Atty's for Judges,Balifs and the special assigners of which judge gets which case...The Clerks Of The Courts.

If an atty was to appear before a judge&try to correct a mess like mine, would this atty be treated kindly? I doubt it. So what is the answer? Since no atty wants to get involved, how do I stop this matter?

Code of ethics I feel is IT WAS MY FATHER WHO DIED&he surely did NOT DIE just so the courts could steal it all

Asked on 10/19/05, 11:04 am

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Edward Ardzrooni Law Offices of Edward Ardzrooni

Re: How do you stop a probate?

Dear Troubled Probate Victim:

I understand the pain and furstration you are expressing about the family probate you are involved in. I have experienced some of the same, first-hand.

The first thing we need to do is go to the courthouse and examine the court's file on this probate. That could take 3 or 4 hours.

Next, isolate the true issues from the nonesense issues that are being batted around in this probate.

Then, decide on a preliminary plan of solution.

Then, promptly get in touch with all the other lawyers involved, and have some eye-ball to eye-ball discussions with them.

Then revise and tighten up our plan for solution; and promptly petition the court for the relief and solution that our plan seeks.


Edward Ardzrooni

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Answered on 10/19/05, 11:43 am
Scott Linden Scott H. Linden, Esq.

Re: How do you stop a probate?

Sorry to hear of your father's passing and the obvious troubles it has caused you. Now...I'm a little lost by your question.

Do you currently have an attorney representing you? A common legal adage is that "an attorney who represents himself in court has a fool for a client". I certainly hope you are not representing yourself in what you describe as an "over 6,000,000 estate". If you are...of course the sharks are circling, they smell blood!

Look, how far along is the Probate? Unless there was a trust, you have no option but to go through Probate. Even a will does not stop Probate. The only other way around it is if everything is in joint title with a right of survivorship...and that still may not make the avoidance of Probate 'rock-solid'.

Our office specializes in estate planning and Probate matters. Perhaps we can review your current situation and give you some advice. This would be considered a free initial consultation, so you really don't have anything to lose...except maybe the anger and frustration you are feeling.

The contact information provided by LawGuru is correct and I can also be contacted through my firm's web-site at (See...we detest Probate and use every means at our disposal to avoid it as well.)

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Answered on 10/19/05, 3:07 pm

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