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My ex boyfriend who was a week from turning 18 when he got arrested for domestic violence failed to complete his tasks ordered by the court while on probation and he was already given a 6th month extension. He has a court hearing in a week, will I have to attend and what will most likely happen to him? Jail time or not probabtion? I don't want him anywhere near me and I want him to get what he deserves after he ruined so much of my life.

Asked on 10/08/16, 11:15 pm

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Rebecca Pescador Whole Family Legal, LLC

First, this question really doesn't belong in this area. This is more of a criminal question. You may want to repost it in that area to be sure you have a good solid answer.

I don't think there is quite enough information here to be able to speculate with any accuracy how likely it is that he will have jail time or just probation. That is going to depend a lot on what he was originally charged with, what it was that he was supposed to do that he didn't do, and how the Judge feels about it all, as well as how he acts in the courtroom that day.

Generally, the victim (I'm presuming you were the victim, based on your description) does not have to be there for this kind of thing. This hearing really isn't about what he did to you. It is about him following the Court's Orders. I'm sure you could be present if you wanted to be, but I doubt you have to be. The best person to answer that question for you really is your victim advocate or the person who is your contact at the DA's office. If there is any reason they want you to be there, they will be able to tell you.

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Answered on 10/09/16, 7:33 am

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