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i got pulled over and issued a ticket for "spinning my tires, racing other vehicle, and reckless driving". heres my side of the story:

I was driving the speed limit on a 2 lane road, the other vehicle that i was supposively racing was riding my rear bumper to the point I couldn't see his headlights and i saw nothing but his grill in my rear bumper. still remaining the speed limit i contiuned to drive down the 2 lane road he backed off a little, as we approached the traffic light to where we were both apparently turning right he got back on my ass so i took the turn at a quicker pace(not so fast to the point of spinning my tires, but not a granny turn either) to attempt to put space between us and apparently he turned too quickly and spun his tires. I then accelerated to the speed limit as he floored it to just above the speed limit saw the cop and stopped accelerating at around the speed limit and turned off, the cop followed him and pulled him over. at this point i was like wow ocoee pd really did it right and pulled over the ass hole and not the innocent, right as i finished this thought a cop sitting at the next light flashed his light into my car. i stopped at the light with him staring at me, light turns green i go and he then follows. clicks on his lights i pull over. he and 2 other cops come up to my car and i was asked to give my license and regist blah blah, as i was handing it over i said "sir, may i ask why i am being pulled over?" his reply was "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" and he walked away the other cop asked if i had anything in the car he should know about and asked if he could search the car i replied "no sir i have nothing in the car, please feel more then free to search my car" he said ok thanks and walked away. officer came back and with a ticket in hand and said i'm citing you for reckless driving, i interjected with "sir how was i driving reckless i dont understand" he replyed with that stupid 4runner you were racing as you came around the corner you spun the tires and so did he, and dont think he got of scotch free either i pulled him over. I interjected here as well saying "no, i saw you pull him over, but i didn't spin my tires. I do my racing at the track sir (i have numbers from earlier tonight on my car). I understand i have a bad record, but i've been trying to drive better and do any and all racing at the track, I swear i wasn't racing or spinning my tires'' he replies "look i saw you fly around that corner then i heard SKRRRT then the 4runner and SKRRT, take it up with the judge" they walked away.

so what can i do to make this go away? or disprove the officers word?

Asked on 9/26/09, 4:31 am

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Don Waggoner Don Waggoner Law, P.A.

You need to consult and hire an attorney. You can click on my information and call to set up an appointment. You can only win if you go to trial. You seem to have some pretty good facts.

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Answered on 9/26/09, 9:59 am

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