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I have been noticing a lot of squad cars trailing me, and just yesterday I was pulled over for allegedly speeding, which was not the case. When the speed limit was 30 and I was going 32 or 33. The officer asked me to roll down my back window for some odd reason then asked for my license and my passengers license. Then up comes a K9 officer asking a lot of questions out the blue that was out of the ordinary. So once I asked what are all the questions he responded to me your " being a firefighter doesn't impress me. I will take my job serious and make sure you don't have one in the morning. Now I must remind you I drive a high profile car with 24" rims. I'm young have a career and I'm BLACK. I may be over exaggerating, but to be pulled over with no explanation of why seems like profiling to me.

Asked on 12/16/11, 3:04 pm

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Anthony Smith LawSmith

In some areas, patrol officers are like hunters. Hunters looks for tracks. A black male with 24 inch rims can be like gazelle tracks to a hunter. If you are doing nothing wrong, then what is happening to you is wrong.

You should go to the police department and register a complaint. Try to also talk to a captain, watch commander, or somone of similar rank. Tell them you understand that you are a young black male driving a high profile car, but that you still have a constitutionally recognized freedom to go about your business without unreasoanble hassle from police officers. Try not to mention any officer in particular, unless they ask. An officer scorned can be even more dificult to deal with. Hopefully wrd will get down that you just look like you might be a criminal.

You chose to drive a car like this, so be careful nto to do anything you shouldn't and don't do or have anything in the car, that you shouldn't. Otherwise, you ar emore likely to get caught than the average citizen.

If you continue to get hassled, and not get caught doing anything wrogn, then you should probably hire cousel to raise your complaint futher within the particular municipality that is causig you problems.

Good luck

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Answered on 12/17/11, 3:10 am

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