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(long story) could a training school be responsible to pay my 13,000 loan for not providing the education i was promised and signed up for. the school was already paid.i will soon owe about 13,000 to pay back a student loan i took out to attend a 7 month dental school program. one of those schools you always see on tv. they are accredited(somewhat). however i was told the teacher was there for years, very educated, blah,blah and when i started last august the teacher in fact had only been there 2 weeks. there was one other dental teacher but i was assigned to the new class (overflow), anyway, for months myself and many other students had complained that the teacher wasnt doing her job, clearly not teaching us what we needed to know. after months of complaints the school fired her two weeks before my class ended. also the school hired many day labor assistants to fill in for the teacher when she was absent and had several other substitutes after they fired her. so we were not given the education we paid for, no consistency. To make matters worse, the school had 14 days to place me at an externship site. i have to complete 160 hours of working for free in a dental office. i have yet to be placed after completing my classes march 31,2011. do i have any rights as far as not having to pay back this loan, or would i have a case against the school for clearly not providing the service i paid for. they new the teacher was incompetent, the day and evening classes had all submitted evaluations at the end of each class which were 2 -3 weeks long. the school was well aware that the teacher had problems and fired her just weeks before i was to finish. we didnt have a teacher on some days and were even sent home on some occasions. it is clearly stated in their handbook and the requirments to graduate that the school provides a site within 14 days after class ends and its been a joke. I have been jumping threw hoops and getting no closer to a site when another student i know has already completed her site. my complaints seem to go nowhere when i call the school and i feel very ripped off and wasted months of my time and am about to be paying a loan and i dont even have a job in my field of study. is there any action i could take?? the school got paid and i got jipped!!!

Asked on 6/20/11, 7:37 am

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Craig Ornell Ornell Law Office P.C.

Based on what yo are telling me, there are several issues at hand. Student loans are federally subsidized loans, fighting re-payment regardless of the cause is difficult. Therefore I would suggest action being taken towards the school. The easiest way to let them know that you are serious would be a 93A demand for deceptive business practice. The website of the Attorney General has useful information regarding the drafting and the laws behind this letter, be sure that the letter is sent certified return receipt, so that you will have a documented time stamp to begin the count of 30 days that they will have to answer you complaint.

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Answered on 6/20/11, 1:52 pm

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