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20 yrs of my life has been ruined by Dr's sending me home with excuses like.Probably nutritional,need exercise.I once was even told,"I think your more well than you think" I never went in for bites,rashes,cuts,colds,etc. I felt ill half time,and had had pain.And really struggled with life in general ending up depressed etc. Which only made matters worse,as far as the way I was being treated. Long story short..Some of the pain I complained of which made me turn white,drop to my knees,and start sweating.Turned out to be a pedunculated tumor on the outside of my uterus.That was adhered to my kidney,and intestines.Hours in surgery,and a week in the hospital.This took a few yrs. I felt tired and il. Yrs I went in saying I think I need some thyroid medicine.(almost everyone in my family has thyroid disorders.Mother,sister,brother,aunts,cousins etc.)I was told that didnt mean I did,because I had normal labs.Yrs again. Then I started having heart trouble etc. So they focused on that. Finally, when I didnt feel better after heart medicines etc. Losing have the hair on my head,and scars up and down both arms as my system couldnt heal anymore. They did a radioactive scan with dye.It came back Hypothyroid. Its a fact that 20% of persons with Thyroid disease can have normal labs.I kept having neck pain,and pressure in my head.Some days making me dizzy,foggy etc.They looke up my nose with a light and said you're fine.Went an ent. which they did find a problem and said I needed septal surgery. Did that felt somewhat better,but soon was back to square one.Then was told lets try ear tubes.Did that didnt help.I kept complaining of my neck being stiff and hurting.They took and xray and said its fine and sent me on my way.Was zat the dentist,telling them my neck and jaw hurt..They DiD want to help,and wanted me to see the maxiofacial Dr in the Tmj clinic..But needed a referal,which the Dr refused me.Because he said they already delt with that and its probably arthritis so you don't need one.I repeatedly mentioned,It was hard to swallow sometimes,couldnt laugh because I would start coughing/choking. By now I'm getting treated like an idiot everytime I went in.I mentioned this to the Dr,2 Ent's,and more than a couple dentists.Even got mad and told them to look in my Damn chart and see that I dont come in for colds,rashes little things etc. and never have,Something is wrong.Nope sent home.Finally the side of my face swelled up (this went on for 10 yrs) and I went to ER. I was told it was a salivary gland infection,given antibiotics,and sent home..Followed up with ent who looked in my mouth felt my glands lightly and said "use hot packs and massage".Sent me home..AGAIN 2 weeks later at the dentist,I mentioned it Again, and explained the ER trip etc. I had a wisdom tooth that was in an odd position ans asked if it could possibly block any drainage that need to happen..They said possibly, Pulled the wisdom tooth and low and behold there was infection, which had spread through my gland system,and also in the spaces of my etc.I told them I only had 3 days of antibiotics,and really should have another scrip because of the extent of the infection.Nope , I was sent home,and it was mentioned it'll be interesting to see what happens over the next couple weeks with that tooth out..right, soon as the antibotics were gone my face started to swell..Called and spoke to the nurse who just said "Oh that is serious,you have to come in" I said " I was just there last week""They "know there's infection,and 3 days left,they should have given them to me then,Its an hour away,I just need antibotics to get this gone" I asked her to just go tell the DRS that pulled the tooth, she refused. I got so freaking mad, I went and got my own antibiotics,and am still on them as I'm typing this.I again have about 3 days left,and hope I got it all. These were minor health/dental issues that could have been remedied very quickly and easily without the need for surgeries etc. It should not have taken the last 15-20 yrs, and all the pain and suffering I had to go through.This has affected my ability to work,go to school. Have a life..Its affected my relationship with my family,as I always sick..I have missed so many things in life.I'm now 54 yrs old, my husband has developed a fear over the years that he'll wake up and find me dead next to him.He too is very angry and frustrated.And I'm still worried about the outcome of this current issue..I failed to mention that due to of course my limitations with work etc. I was on the States pre paid insurance plan.Which everyone knows as soon as anyone sees your on that you immediatley get treated differently,even tho they deny it..I am not an idiot,and have an IQ in the hundreds.I am not a hypochondriac.My medical record would show maybe one sinus infection,everything else is related to these things that I ended up finally getting help for.But only after yrs, much pain and suffering,and by then they caused more problems than needed to be.Not to mention the yrs of my life wasted. Can I sue the healthcare system? I have never sued anyone in my life.And dont always agree with some of the reasons people sue for.But Im done,Ive had it,Im fearful of what the future brings for me.And other health issues that may arise from my not getting treated for so long.

Asked on 6/30/13, 10:27 am

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Tricia Dwyer Tricia Dwyer Esq & Assoc PLLC

Hello. I have limited time and was only able to skim your question. This website provides general information and not legal advice. It appears you are claiming issues of malpractice and possibly other matters, too. Please seek a private attorney for help right away. You face rigid time deadlines for action and the real possibility of forever losing your ability to take action should you delay, so seek private attorney counsel now. You should not post details on a public website. If you reside in a somewhat remote area, know that any Minnesota licensed attorney may assist you. You should not alert medical professionals that you are contacting an attorney. Some attorneys are available seven days for emergency legal needs. Many attorneys will confer initially at no charge. Then, if legal work is performed, some attorneys will provide a reduced fee for financial hardship. Some attorneys may also assist you in limited scope manner to conserve legal costs. All the best. Medical Malpractice Law, Personal Injury Law

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Answered on 6/30/13, 4:05 pm

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