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đź”´TRICIA DWYER ESQ đź”´CLICK ON LINK TO EMAILđź”´7 Daysđź”´ I need to know your legal name/age, legal name of 'spouse/other parent'/age city, & briefly state your issue - reply asap - ty. (I typically ck' emails 2-3X/day nearly ev' day of the week.) Top Minnesota Attorney, Years of Professional Work Experience See Minnesota State Bar Association and websites Phone 612-296-9666 Limited Attorney Help IS Available ('ltd. scope', 'unbundled' attorney) Will work with clients - one aim is curbing attorney cost while having the finest quality attorney assistance 'Pay as you go' is fine Not 'paralegal' but paralegal type services are available Not 'legal document service', licensed professional attorney assistance All legal issues including difficult, complex, unusual ones & emergency matters. đź”´ATTORNEY DWYER: FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY MANY YEARS OF PROF'L EXPERIENCE not novice MINNESOTA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION MEMBER MSBA FAMILY LAW SECTION MEMBER MSBA CRIMINAL LAW SECTION MEMBER MSBA SMALLER LEGAL PRACTICES SECTION MEMBER LICENSED MINNESOTA SUPREME COURT ATTORNEY LICENSING OFFICE CERTIFIED FAMILY LAW MEDIATOR FORMER MINNESOTA SUPREME COURT QUALIFIED NEUTRAL/RULE 114 FORMER PARENTING TIME EXPEDITOR FORMER PERSONAL COACHING CERTIFIED MINNESOTA NORTH STAR LAWYER TRAINED IN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TRAINED IN MENTAL HEALTH TRAINED IN CHEM' DEP'/ADDICTION MENTAL HEALTH, ALCOHOL/CHEM' USE LEGAL ISSUES ISSUES. SUPPORT 12 STEP & OTHER RECOVERY PROGRAMS, COMPASSION TO PEOPLE/FAMILIES WITH ADDICTION PROBLEMS MEN'S RIGHTS, FATHERS' RIGHTS WOMEN'S RIGHTS, MOTHERS' RIGHTS FALSE ACCUSATIONS? COURT HEARING, TRIAL CHILD CUSTODY, CHILD SUPPORT, MOTIONS ALIMONY/SPOUSAL SUPPORT, MODIFICATION/CHANGES DIVORCE, PEACEFUL DIVORCE ICMC/ENE/SENE/FENE, ATTEND MEDIATION WITH CLIENT COLLABORATIVE LAW, Provide mediation, Paternity CRIMINAL LAW: CRIMINAL DEFENSE, CRIMINAL LAW ATTORNEY GUIDANCE & COUNSEL EMPLOYMENT LAW (employee-side - applying for unemp', etc.) & Small Business SMALL CLAIMS COURT Attorney private legal advice for difficult problems, issues that may have you afraid/in fear/scared Worries about police/other gov't agency investigations, 'hiding from the law', 'scared of police' Criminal Charges, Criminal Defense, Warrants, Arrest Warrants, Search Warrants, 'Sneak-Peek' Warrants Assault, Domestic Assault, Theft, DWI, Sex Crimes, Probation Issues All family law matters, and all related criminal legal issues. Difficult, complex, 'unusual' legal issues. 'Private' worries and concerns and fears. Aim for cost effectiveness. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS
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