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if i'm travelling down a road maintained by my taxes..personal transport only & not for commerce of any kind...what statutes supersede my constitutional rights to travel...if i'm conforming to safety reg's & not endangering others...i'd like to see how ANY supposed authority has to impede my journey ? as i understand it....the legal authority to tax my movement is only predicated on my using this movement towards commerce, not personal freedom...bottom line question is, why do i need a licenses &/or pay a fee to exercise a personal freedom ?.......taxed on the property,yearly...odd that if i own it i continue to pay a tax....taxed on the fuel....taxed on other property for uses irrellevant to me...since i homeschooled for my son, i was afforded the luxury of paying for teachers that can't teach that Mexico is south of the United States & that Canada is north while still shouldering the bill of paying for proper teaching supplies that i'm subjected to additional taxes on ....funny thing is that i'm trying to give & show examples of how the Constitution works & i can't show him any examples of it, short of saying & showing him what is NOT to do....aren't attorneys sworn to abide to the paramaters of the constitution also....yet i'm being asked to pay for Someone in the profession to simple state that someone is wrong & someone is right !! gosh, do i really have to pay MORE for someone to stand up & state the obvious, the Constitution supersedes the b/s statutes that are...1st illegal...2nd ...what the hell...the 1st is enough....

Asked on 8/14/10, 5:32 am

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Traveling is not the same thing as driving. You have the right to travel as a passenger in someone else's vehicle, whether private or commercial. You can also walk, ride a horse, etc. You do not need a licence to do any of these things.

But driving puts others at risk, and the government's general authority over public safety allows it to require licenses which certify that the holder knows how to operate her vehicle safely. You have no more right to drive a car without a license than to fly a plane without one.

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Answered on 8/19/10, 6:01 am

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