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Diplopia after Blepharoplasty

On May 26, 06 I had a double lid bleph surgery. The outcome was awful - very crooked scarring, ectropian and one very large eye and one very small eye. I woke up from the surgery seeing double images. They told me this would pass in time but it has been a year now and it has not improved. I have had two additional bleph surgeries specifically to fix the cosmetics and possibly one more before it's said and done. I have a damaged left inferior oblique muscle and have permanent diplopia. The doctors tell me they cannot fix this, yet they will not tell me what happened or why it cannot be fixed. They just state they were not present at the initial surgery so they cannot speculate. I feel that I have a right to know what happened to me and what my future holds. I do not want to see the initial plastic surgeon again. I can see looking straight foward but as soon as I try to move my eyes the double vision forms. This has been a nightmare. My questions are: Do I have a medmal claim? I would like another opinion, but can I avoid telling my second opinion the names of my other docs? It seems once they hear a name then they all start conspiring since they know each other. I need help. How do I find a doctor with an independent opinion?

Asked on 5/03/07, 3:19 pm

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Anthony DeWitt Bartimus, Frickleton Robertson & Gorny, PC

Re: Diplopia after Blepharoplasty

One way to obtain an independent opinion on negligence is to ask an attorney to review your case for medical negligence. The attorney will evaluate the claim and the medical records, and if he feels there is something there, he can send it to a physician expert for a review.

We have an attorney in our Leawood office, who is very well-versed in this area, and I'm sure would be willing to speak to you. Feel free to call for a free consultation.

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Answered on 5/03/07, 3:34 pm
Michael R. Nack Michael R. Nack, Attorney at Law

Re: Diplopia after Blepharoplasty

I am sorry that you find yourself in this situation, and I hope that your condition does in fact improve. In the meantime, we can certainly help you obtain an independent expert review of the medical records from your surgery to determine whether or not there was any medical negligence. This will involve some expense on your part, and there is no guarantee of any particular result. If you are interested in pursuing this matter, you may call me at the office for a free telephone consultation.

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Answered on 5/03/07, 10:33 pm

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