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My wife is diabetic and injured her left foot last year. She had a grossly swollen foot and went to the er and they ex rayed her foot. They said it was a sprain. After about a month of rest she went back to the er again because it had not gotten any better! They ex rayed her foot again and told her it was a sprain again. About 1 month after that she went back after her foot started to show signs of disfigurement and they said it was still a sprain but referred her to an orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon said she had chariots joint and if she had went to him earlier that he might have been able to fix her foot, but since the disfigurement had begun that she didn't have much chance of a surgery fixing her foot and to not put weight on her foot at all. About 4 months after that visit she had to go to the er again because she had developed an infection in her foot! They ended up having to amputate her foot. After the surgery, they didn't tell me or other family that she was back in her room and had been in her room suffering a lot of pain because I wasn't there to protect her from inadequate nurses. When I finally found her in her room, she was in extreme pain and I had to specifically hunt down a nurse to administer her some pain medication! Is there any way of compensating from a malpractice suit for not addressing her foot in a serious manner the first 3 times she went to the er? Is there any way for her to be compensated any for her undue pain and suffering after the surgery? It happened at Saint Francis hospital in Southeast Missouri.

Asked on 12/09/15, 12:43 am

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Mel Franke Mel G. Franke, Attorney at Law

You must meet with an experienced medical malpractice, personal injury attorney

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Answered on 12/10/15, 1:31 pm
Mel Franke Mel G. Franke, Attorney at Law

You must meet with an experienced personal injury attorney. Normally in a contingent case if you fire them, they can only get the valus of the time theyspent, not a percentage. COMPLAIN to the Missouri Bar.

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Answered on 12/10/15, 2:04 pm

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