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Should I get a Lawyer or just pay it??

I received a ticket for exceeding a safe speed for the conditions (it was at night, raining,etc.) The state trooper wrote down 65 as my speed (it was in a 55 zone).

I have never had a ticket and am wondering how this will affect my insurance, will it go up? How long will these points stay on my license? I just dont know whether to pay it and go on or try to seek a lawyer.

Please HELP!!

Asked on 6/02/01, 10:06 am

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Gary Underhill, Jr. Gary Underhill Jr. Attorney at Law

Re: Should I get a Lawyer or just pay it??

A 66/55 is 2 insurance points and a 45% for 2 years. If he also gave you a ticket for exceeding that is 1 insurance pt, which combined with the 2 would be even higher. Points stay on your driving record for 3 years. Don't just pay them off. Go to court yourself or better hire an attorney who can possibly get them to 0 pts.


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Answered on 8/28/01, 8:47 pm

James Wilson Nugent, Wilson & Associates

Re: Should I get a Lawyer or just pay it??

I will answer your question assuming you have been

ticketed in North Carolina and have a clean

driving record for three years (no moving

violations; accidents are OK). If you will let

me know what county your ticket is in, I will

let you know specifically what the fine and

result will be. Most counties will let you

plead to an equipment violation if you produce a

clean record. This equipment result is the

best result because it results in NO license and

NO insurance points. My firm represents drivers in

central NC for approximately $100. Let me know if you

need my help by calling 800-459-6531. You can, however,

handle this yourself, but you or your attorney should

definitely get it reduced and not just pay it off.

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Answered on 6/26/01, 3:45 pm

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