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Misdiagnosis with end result infection means no case?

Misdiagnosed with bursitis of hip and treated for almost 2 years steriods,drugs and much walking.Not one test ever done and my pain got so great could not walk.Finally got dr

to test for something else and I had been bone on bone not

bursitis.Surgery done,IV put in hand with burn infection. I

ended up with staph infect.Treated iv antib 12 later opened me up and infect still there.I did not have hip for 1 year and had 5 surgeries before final.Husband demoted at

job due to having to care me and 3 young children.Much pain still,life shorter and more likely to have breast cancer plus all the money spent and time lost with family.

This has devestated me and my family and I can not find any one to represent me because there was infection at the end which I could have gotten by him not treating me correct for the two years.His treatment was lots of drugs including oxycotin.I have left other things out because of length.The doctor that did the surgery has told me this is not something that happens normally and that I did nothing wrong.He is one of the top in the US surgens so he took this hard.The dr who misdiagnosed never even said I am sorry.If he had done an xray,these last three years would have been very different.

Asked on 6/21/04, 1:33 pm

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William Horsley William F. Horsley, P.A.

Re: Misdiagnosis with end result infection means no case?

I'm afraid there is not enough information in your post for me to express an opinion on whether or not you have a case. I am somewhat confused about the time sequence. There is a 3 year statute of limitations in NC. In a case like yours, that would begin to run when you discovered the error. HOWEVER, in no event can you bring a claim more than 4 years after the original negligence, so more detail on the chronology would be helpful here, with specific dates. I wouldn't worry too much about the infection. It it is true that the doctor was negligent in failing to diagnose the condition, then all of the complications that developed during treatment flowed from that original negligence. Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions.

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Answered on 6/21/04, 5:14 pm

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