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I had an affair with a woman whos marriage was pretty much already over. I am not happy about this just to be clear. Any how, it all started when her she caught her husband who had been sleeping with escorts all over the country. It lead her to start going out and drinking which is how we really met. We live in the same community where each others families knows one another. Any how, he always wanted to try and make it work and she didnt, they stayed together a few years until she had enought. He found all the txt message records from me and her back and forth and claims to have evidence of us sleeping together. So now she has left him, not to be with me just because they cant live together, there is also children involved. So he is miserable and is suing me for aleination of affection and criminal conversation, or has sent a letter demanding I pay him a bunch of money or he will. This is through his lawyer. I understand the 3 things he would have to prove which would be hard. But here is my question, I have all the the emails where he was talking and seeing escorts before I was even talking to his wife (which again is why she started talking to me in the first place.) These emails are black and white and show exactly how he had been with escorts and was using them as refrences to get others. So doesnt that throw out his case instantly, I mean it shows there was no real love and affection if he was doing that before she started talking to me right? Also if and im sure it will go to court and I get subponeaned what the chance I could just use that evidence and have it "squashed"?? Im sure he is doing this out of spite and really he has no case, so could I just get is "squashed" because it is pointless and he is doing it simply to drag me through the mud? Thanks a bunch!

Asked on 9/17/13, 7:45 am

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Kenneth Love Ken Love Law

You need an attorney. The problem is that the three things he has to prove will not be all that difficult in this case...especially with the texts you indicated.

Your biggest problem will be if she is deemed to have "forgiven" him. You said he cheated and they stayed together for a few years after. Many Courts will find that she forgave him and that there was love otherwise, she would have not stayed for a few years after the cheating.

If he sues, you need representation.

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Answered on 9/17/13, 9:00 am

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