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A friend of mine and I went to Never More Tattoo Studio on 10-22-09 to get my tongue pierced. The man that did the piercing did not sterilize my mouth with anything. He told me to stick my tongue out clampped it, pierced it then I was out the door. The whole thing took a matter of about 10 min to signing paperwork to walking out the door.I came home and every 2 to 3 hours I would use a salt water salution then the next time I would use Listerine. That night around 10:00 my glands in both sides of my neck was very sore. The next day my tongue was swollen to the point it was hard to swallow.I went to the mirror to look at it under my tongue there was a yellowish-green slimmy puss around the ball that I removed with a q-tip. I used the salt water every 2 hours , ibroprofen, and lots of ice. After no reaction to the swelling also the pain was just to much to handle in my jaw and neck (glands) area. I removed the ring brushed my teeth rinsed with salt water then Listerine an hour later. I started feeling real drained and tired. I went to bed around 10:00 or 11:00. I woke up the next day the 24th of October around noon. I was very sick ( fever,no appetite , cold chills, very weak, very tired, nauseous , shaky all over like i would pass out) I went to First Care. The Doctor told me I had an tongue infection. She prescribed me an antibiotic Clindamycin , and told me to take 800mg of Ibroprofen for pain and swelling. For the next 3 days I slept only up long enough to force some soup or something small on my stomach, take my meds and rinse my mouth. It is now the 27th I feel no better. I called my Family Doctor he prescribed me a stronger antibiotic Augmentin. I did some research on the internet seen a video and the correct way to pierce a tongue is they put dots on your tongue to make sure the hole is straight rinse with mouthwash for 30 secs hold out your tounge so it can be dryed off with a paper towel clamp it and pierce it then rinse with mouthwash again for another 30 sec. Could you give me some legal advice.

Asked on 10/27/09, 9:57 pm

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David Michael Benson Benson Law Firm

The first thing to do is get better. Don't think about lawyers until you are fully recovered, unless your problem persists for more than a couple of months. Then collect all your medical bills, a letter from your doctor about what he or she thinks was done wrong, and then make an appointment with a lawyer.

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Answered on 11/05/09, 10:32 am

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