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there is a bill being passed in texas called(deregistration)for some sex offenders. i went yo prison in 1993 a five year sentntence did all but 4 months out in 1997 anyway i have kids of my own a boy 11 girl 8 i have no restrictions about seeing them. i can also go eat lunch with them at school and games etc. but i dont im afraid it would get back to them by school personal. i have also owned and operated my landscaping company for over can u help

Asked on 10/07/11, 7:12 am

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M. Elizabeth Foley The Law Office of M. Elizabeth Foley

Seriously, as I told you a couple of days ago: there are NO bills "being passed" in Texas now, and there won't be any more until the spring and summer of 2013. I imagine whatever you're looking at or heard that made you think that was from maybe February of this year, when the legislature (or at least a Senate committee) were looking into doing that. But it didn't happen, the bill never even made it out of committee. And there's absolutely no chance now for it to happen anytime soon, because the legislature is no longer in session.

Even if some state senator realized this afternoon, "Hey, I have the answer! Here's how we could do this that it would all work great and wouldn't cost a bunch of money and become a total bureaucratic nightmare and alienate our constituents after all!", it wouldn't matter--none of his compatriots are left to listen, everyone's literallly packed up and gone home, and they're not coming back anytime soon. Much as they might seem that way sometimes, legislative sessions are not literally going on all the time. We have to have some time in between to pick up the pieces. So there is no bill still pending, there is no new law on the horizon, and no one, with or without a law license, however well intentioned they might be, can do anything to help you "deregister", because legally there is no way to do that and there won't be, at a bare minimum, until at least 2013. Again, I'm sorry there's not something that can be done to help you, but given that the law did not and is not about to change, you're asking the impossible.

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Answered on 10/07/11, 7:38 am

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