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story:a girl was raised in a poor family,but finds out that she is descended from royalty and after dna testing proves that she is royalty,and should in fact have a royal throne,only ,her royal ancestors throne was stolen,because they were outnumbered ,and killed/and or eventuall died and she is the only living descendent of them, and the people who set up a throne in her ancestors place , who came to rule and be known and still are known today and accepted as royalty,if asked to do a dna test the current royals on the throne could not link themselves to the true ancestors whos throne it truly is and the people they claim to be related to,but she can.If she could prove it would she get her throne back,or at least be given her rightful royal title,or documents proving she is who she says she is or at least a royal seal.Also her ancestors are of many different races,for back then it was customary for,kings to give their daughters to other kings for political reasons,and their daughter would bear the king a son,who did eventually become king,and his descendents so on and so forth,and she is the only descendent of these kings,would the throne belong to her.also the people currently on the thrones aren't the real royals.lastly,what would happen to her,if she could prove it.

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American courts would not have jurisdiction over the case you describe.

who would then(who has jurisdiction over the case)?Can she just take what is rightfully hers from those who have it,if she can prove its hers?And how does she go about getting it back and proving who she is?does the throne automatically become hers if she is able to prove it?what if more than one throne belongs to her,because her ancestors had kings who were family members ruling on different thrones,brothers to be exact,and she is their true only living true descendent?what if those thrones which are rightfully hers,are currently occupied by the people whos ancestors took them,what should she do,because they are only royal,because people believe they are truly royal,but truly,they stole the throne and generation after generation of their ancestors/family ruled the throne but its not really theirs,but its hers.Would it be dangerous for her to come forth and speak out,or would somone harm her?

Asked on 4/23/11, 2:48 am

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Her hereditary rights would be governed by the laws of her ancestral country and would have to be decided by that country's courts. American law has nothing to say about who is or is not entitled to royal titles and/or royal positions in other countries, and America's courts have no authority to decide such questions.

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Answered on 4/23/11, 11:16 am

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