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I. My primary practice area is bankruptcy. I enjoy representing families and individuals in obtaining a new financial future. Consumer bankruptcy is my passion. I BELIEVE IN IT! The biggest myth I wish to dispel is that bankruptcy is immoral. Not to get preachy but a thorough reading of the Bible and Torah reveals that the "laws" Moses delivered to the ancient Hebrews extended far beyond the Ten Commandments. All debts were to be canceled every seven years including indentured servitude. In Islamic Law the charging of interest is forbidden. Therefore, from my assessment bankruptcy is clearly not dishonorable. I BELIEVE A FINANCIAL INSTITUTION IMPOSING AN ANNUAL INTEREST RATE OF 18% TO 24% IS DISHONORABLE. The positive financial and emotional results of families filing for and obtaining bankruptcy relief cannot be overstated. Clients have told me that the hardest part of the process is the decision to call the attorney; the decision to begin.
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