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Providing efficient, competent services for Nevada and California clients since 1979. Primary practice areas include: REAL ESTATE (sales, leases, options, broker and sales matters, construction law, mechanic�s liens, boundary disputes, land use and development, planning and zoning, homeowners' associations, deeds, mortgages, taxes, insurance, defects, warranty claims, landlord-tenant, commercial and residential foreclosures, for sale by owner, FSBO, construction defect matters, partition, joint tenants, tenants in common, surveys), TITLE 10�PROPERTY RIGHTS AND TRANSACTIONS Chapter 111 Estates in Property; Conveyancing and Recording Chapter 112 Fraudulent Transfers Chapter 113 Sales of Real Property Chapter 115 Homesteads Chapter 116 Common-Interest Ownership (Uniform Act) Chapter 117 Condominiums Chapter 118 Discrimination in Housing: Landlord and Tenant Chapter 118A Landlord and Tenant: Dwellings Chapter 118B Landlord and Tenant: Manufactured Home Parks Chapter 119 Sale of Subdivided Land: Licensing and Regulation Chapter 119A Time Shares Chapter 119B Memberships in Campgrounds Chapter 120 Disclaimer of Interests in Property Chapter 120A Disposition of Unclaimed Property (Uniform Act) TITLE 9�SECURITY INSTRUMENTS OF PUBLIC UTILITIES; MORT-GAGES; DEEDS OF TRUST; OTHER LIENS Chapter 105 Security Instruments of Public Utilities Chapter 106 Real Mortgages Chapter 107 Deeds of Trust Chapter 108 Statutory Liens TITLE 22�COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS BY PUBLIC AGENCIES; PLANNING AND ZONING; DEVELOPMENT AND REDEVELOPMENT Chapter 277 Cooperative Agreements: State, Counties, Cities, Districts and Other Public Agencies Chapter 278 Planning and Zoning Chapter 278A Planned Development Chapter 278B Impact Fees for New Development Chapter 279 Redevelopment of Communities Chapter 279A Rehabilitation of Property in Residential Neighborhoods Chapter 279B Rehabilitation of Abandoned Residential Property Chapter 280 Metropolitan Police Departments CIVIL LITIGATION (aggressive collections, trial work, arbitration, mediation, subrogation, insurance disputes, lawsuit defense, employment, intellectual property, fraud, fraudulent transfers and conveyances, unfair competition, foreign judgment domestication and enforcement, class actions, debtor examinations, judgments, appeals, motions, writs), TITLE 2�CIVIL PRACTICE Chapter 10 General Provisions Chapter 11 Limitation of Actions Chapter 12 Parties Chapter 13 Place of Trial Chapter 14 Commencement of Actions Chapter 15 Pleadings, Motions and Orders Chapter 16 Date of Trial; Trial by Jury; Masters Chapter 17 Judgments Chapter 18 Costs and Disbursements Chapter 19 Fees Chapter 20 Bonds and Undertakings; Deposits in Lieu Thereof Chapter 21 Enforcement of Judgments Chapter 22 Contempts TITLE 3�REMEDIES; SPECIAL ACTIONS AND PROCEEDINGS Chapter 28 General Provisions Chapter 29 Submitting a Controversy Without Action Chapter 29A Summary Proceedings Chapter 30 Declaratory Judgments Chapter 31 Attachment, Garnishment and Other Extraordinary Remedies Chapter 31A Enforcement of Obligations for Support of Children Chapter 32 Receivers Chapter 33 Injunctions Chapter 34 Writs: Certiorari; Mandamus; Prohibition; Habeas Corpus Chapter 35 Quo Warranto Chapter 36 Provisional Remedies on Behalf of Defendant Chapter 37 Eminent Domain Chapter 38 Mediation and Arbitration Chapter 39 Partition of Real Property and Mining Claims Chapter 40 Actions and Proceedings in Particular Cases Concerning Property Chapter 41 Actions and Proceedings in Particular Cases Concerning Persons Chapter 41A Actions for Medical or Dental Malpractice Chapter 41B Action Against Killer of Decedent for Forfeiture of Certain Property, Benefits and Rights Chapter 42 Damages Chapter 43 Judicial Confirmation TITLE 4�WITNESSES AND EVIDENCE Chapter 47 General Provisions; Judicial Notice; Presumptions Chapter 48 Admissibility Generally Chapter 49 Privileges Chapter 50 Witnesses Chapter 51 Hearsay Chapter 52 Documentary and Other Physical Evidence Chapter 53 Affidavits; Foreign Depositions Chapter 54 Corroborative Proof of Residence Chapter 55 Findings of Presumed Death Chapter 56 Tests of Biological Specimens BANKRUPTCY (select debtor and creditor cases, consumer bankruptcy law representation of interested parties in contested matters, stay relief or adversary proceedings in individual filings of Chapter 7, Chapter 12, or Chapter 13; exemptions, lien avoidance, preferences, equitable subordination, business bankruptcy law representation of interested parties in contested matters, automatic stay, financing, workout or adversary proceedings in bankruptcy cases filed on behalf of debtors who are or have been engaged in business prior to an entity filing Chapter 7, Chapter 9, Chapter 11, or Chapter 12), COMMERCIAL LAW � U.C.C. TITLE 8�COMMERCIAL INSTRUMENTS AND TRANSACTIONS Chapter 97 Retail Installment Sales of Goods and Services Chapter 97A Debt Evidenced by Credit Card Chapter 99 Money of Account and Interest; Legal Investments Chapter 100 Special Relations of Debtor and Creditor; Suretyship Chapter 101 Joint Obligations (Uniform Act) Chapter 102 Interparty Agreements (Uniform Act) Chapter 104 Uniform Commercial Code�Original Articles Chapter 104A Uniform Commercial Code�Additional Articles PERSONAL INJURY (negligence, recklessness, intentional torts, battery, assault, defamation, libel, slander, parental liability for minors, strict product liability, drug and pharmaceutical cases, defective products, malpractice, wrongful death, premises liability, slip and fall, trip and fall, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents), BUSINESS AND CORPORATE LAW (securities matters, entity formation, resident agent services, sales, secured transactions, banking law, stock sales, executive employment compensation, gaming, resort, hotel, casino licensing and license violations, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, intellectual property, infringement, franchises), TITLE 7�BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS; SECURITIES; COMMODITIES Chapter 78 Private Corporations Chapter 78A Close Corporations Chapter 80 Foreign Corporations Chapter 81 Miscellaneous Organizations Chapter 82 Nonprofit Corporations Chapter 84 Corporations Sole Chapter 86 Limited-Liability Companies Chapter 87 Partnerships (Uniform Act) Chapter 88 Limited Partnerships (Uniform Act) Chapter 88A Business Trusts Chapter 89 Professional Corporations and Associations Chapter 90 Securities (Uniform Act) Chapter 91 Commodities Chapter 92A Mergers, Conversions, Exchanges and Domestications ESTATE PLANNING (wills, living trust, irrevocable trusts, dynasty trusts, powers of attorney, living wills), TITLE 12�WILLS AND ESTATES OF DECEASED PERSONS Chapter 132 General Provisions Chapter 133 Wills Chapter 134 Succession Chapter 135 Simultaneous Death (Uniform Act) Chapter 136 Probate of Wills and Petitions for Letters Chapter 137 Contests of Wills Chapter 138 Appointment of Personal Representatives Chapter 139 Appointment of Administrators Chapter 140 Special Administrators Chapter 141 Letters Generally; Changes in Administration Chapter 142 Oaths and Bonds Chapter 143 Powers and Duties of Personal Representatives Chapter 144 Inventory and Appraisement Chapter 145 Summary Administration of Estates Chapter 146 Support of Family; Small Estates Chapter 147 Presentation and Payment of Claims Chapter 148 Sales, Conveyances and Exchanges Chapter 149 Notes, Mortgages and Leases Chapter 150 Compensation and Accounting Chapter 151 Adjustments; Distribution and Discharge Chapter 152 Partition Before Discharge Chapter 153 Administration of Trusts; Estates for Life and Years Chapter 154 Escheats Chapter 155 Notices, Orders, Procedure and Appeals Chapter 156 Administration of Estates of Missing Persons TITLE 13�GUARDIANSHIPS; CONSERVATORSHIPS; TRUSTS Chapter 159 Guardianships Chapter 160 Veterans� Guardianship (Uniform Act) Chapter 161 Conservators for Members of the Armed Forces and Merchant Seamen Chapter 162 Fiduciaries Chapter 163 Trusts Chapter 164 Administration of Trusts Chapter 165 Trustees� Accounting (Uniform Act) Chapter 166 Spendthrift Trusts Chapter 167 Transfers to Minors (Uniform Act) PROBATE � 2005 Invited Founding Member � Probate Bar Association of Washoe County (inheritances, intestate succession, accountings, inventory and appraisement, objection to claims, claims suits, decedent's estates, personal representatives, special administrators, wards and guardianships, elder law, will contests, accountings, missing heirs, omitted heirs, ), FAMILY LAW (divorce, child custody, visitation, termination of parental rights, parental kidnapping, Hague Convention, support, alimony, palimony, prenuptial agreements, marital settlements, retirement distributions, COBRA, ERISA, community and separate property matters, name changes, paternity). TITLE 11�DOMESTIC RELATIONS Chapter 122 Marriage Chapter 123 Rights of Husband and Wife Chapter 123A Premarital Agreements (Uniform Act) Chapter 125 Dissolution of Marriage Chapter 125A Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Chapter 125B Obligation of Support Chapter 125C Custody and Visitation Chapter 126 Parentage Chapter 127 Adoption of Children and Adults Chapter 128 Termination of Parental Rights Chapter 129 Minors� Disabilities; Judicial Emancipation of Minors Chapter 130 Interjurisdictional Enforcement of Support "Anyone considering a lawyer should independently investigate the lawyer's credentials and ability."
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